Colorful Kitchen Decor Ideas

11 Beautiful and Colorful Kitchen Decor Ideas that Looks so Inviting

Updated on 2018-12-22

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The white is the new trend, the most common choice while selecting the kitchen interiors. But it often becomes boring to be surrounded by the whites all around, and its time to add a bit of color to the setup. Here, we bring you an effective color scheme to light up the wave of excitement in your kitchen spaces.

1. The Turquoise Splash

The beautiful kitchen reflects a great blend of wood and painted finishes. The turquoise wallpaper creates a subject of focus. Also the tinge of orange acts as an element of contrast. Overall, the interior offers a soothing effect, which is relaxing as well as a piece of interest, breaking away the monotony of regular white interiors.

Turquoise Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas
Turquoise Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas

2. Classy and Neutral

A play of shades, blend of lights has helped to develop strong and bold interiors. The strong contrast has successfully transformed the space into a piece of interest. The illumination has further enhanced the charm. Use of illuminated cabinets, chandeliers, sconces and pendant lights can be observed everywhere in the concerned space. The lights also help in performing the task, but the main purpose is to set the mood and make space feel complete

Classy and Neutral Kitchen Decor Ideas

3. The Burgundy Red Splashback

The clean and bold kitchen interior forms a strong image, where the focus is generated by a bold burgundy red shade as a highlighter. It’s a rich color for kitchen and dining area, it stimulates conversation and appetite. The splashback acts as an element of focus and contrast among the matching cabinets.

The Burgandy red Kitchen Decor Ideas

4. A Tinge of Green

The interior that might be a blend of whites and creams has been highlighted by using the green as a highlighter. Also, bold installation of green cabinets is a good option, preferably be the country green shade. The rustic treatment on the cabinet ensures that the green is not overdone.

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Green color Kitchen Decor Ideas

5. Play with the Greys

This isn’t just a casual neutral color scheme, but an intelligent play of shades. The upper cabinets with a comparatively lighter shade generate a feeling of space and vastness. The cabinets at the lower level, with a darker shade, generates a feeling of coziness. The darker shades highlight the whites and form a perfect blend of the chromatic color scheme.

Grey color Kitchen Decor Ideas

6. The yellow Love

If the preference is classic cabinet style, opt for the yellow tinge as an element of surprise, through a medium of paint, wallpaper or just by stenciling. In addition, it looks great with whites and shades of brown. Also, amber lighting helps in enhancing the quality of space.

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7. The Bold Blue

An added tone of blue helps in adding up a feeling of freshness in the interiors. Here, the blue furniture has been added to break the monotony of the white interiors.

Blue color Kitchen Decor Ideas

8. The Dark Plum

The dramatic purple possesses charismatic properties and is a colour to watch for. A combination with the dark cabinets and a white ceiling, along with the tiled flooring, enhances the quality of the plum backsplash.

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Plum Color Kitchen Decor Ideas

9. Pastels are the New Trend

A combination of the soft pastels with the whites and greys results in a colour scheme to die for. The use of pastels helps in adding up a controlled amount of colour, maintaining the sophistication and elegance of design.

Pastel Shades Kitchen Decor Ideas

10. Pink Magic

The love for pink is never ending for some. The given interior is inspired by the pink fashion, which is capable of making people fall in love with these bold pink accents. In a predominantly white interior, the bold pink masses focus to inject your own personality, be it with spirited colour or busy pattern.

Pink color Kitchen Decor Ideas

11. The Classic Brown

The traditional and warm look offered by the rich brown classic is a common choice. The play of shades and tones of the brown color provides an opportunity to develop comfortable interiors, that are more homely and more dependable.

Brown color Kitchen Decor Ideas
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