Decor Ideas for an In-House Bar Counter

Decor Ideas for an In-House Bar Counter

For those that enjoy parties but prefer having them custom to their liking, an in-house bar is a must. Especially when you prefer being the host, yourself. A stocked up stash of beverages to offer will make your party popular amongst your guests. Even if you don’t drink, it’s always good to have something on hand to offer your guests and keep them entertained. Setting up a bar counter can be a tedious task initially, but with the right décor, interior lighting techniques, and furniture, it’ll be seeing a lot of hosting, in no time.

Corner Bar

To start off, it can occupy one of the corners of your house. As seen in the picture below, an otherwise dead space has been converted into an extravagant mini bar. An open rack displays the drinks making it easier to make a choice. The subtle lighting sets a perfect ambiance to enjoy the beverage, once the drinks are made and the lights are off. A wooden finish with a stone counter gives it a classy appearance. And the stone allows for easy maintenance. Include this along with an open kitchen plan, this will surely enhance the living cum dining design

Corner Bar Design Unit

Parallel Bar

When space is not a constraint you can spread across a similar decor. This design has two counters parallel to each other, with circulation space enough for 2 people to comfortably help themselves. While one counter can be used to mix the drink, the other can be used as a bar table to enjoy the drink. To go with the rich wooden finish, bar stools have been avoided, instead, tall ottomans can be used. Highlight the area with an accent wall.

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In House bar Design

Kitchen Bar

If your beautiful kitchens are large enough to house an island counter, the island can double as a bar counter in the night, as well as a breakfast counter in the morning hours. A part of the kitchen counter can be utilized to display the drinks and mix. And the island can be used to serve it.

Download Long Minibar Unit Design

Bar Design

Pull-down Bar

This design cleverly utilizes a TV cabinet as a bar counter. It works best when there’s a space crunch and there’s not enough space to spare entirely for a bar. Tucked away in the cabinet, it also provides privacy not flashing your drinks to everyone who visits. The door that pulls down acts as the mixing and serving table. The rear-end stores the beverages. The living room furniture can be utilized as the seating.

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Pull Down Bar Unit

Pool House Bar

If your house hosts a pool, what better place to set up the bar counter? A little room beside the change room can be dedicated. With a well set up bar, some brilliant pool parties can be hosted. The flooring will have to be skid-proof, especially in a poolside bar to avoid mishaps. A wall can display the accessories with a typical counter in front, followed by a couple of bar stools.

Pool House bar Design

Partitioned Bar

When there’s a large space available, the living room can be partitioned into a bar counter. A 3 walled space, each wall can be used to display a certain accessory, creatively. With one wall giving rise to a counter for mixing and serving. Since it’s partitioned, this can be opened up during parties to appear as one space with the living room. This way, the room appears spacious and convenient.

Partitioned bar Design

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