Color Scheme for a Calming Bedroom

7 Cool Color Scheme for a Calming Bedroom

When it comes to creating a ‘’calming bedroom’’  there is no better way to do it than through the right use of colors. As it is a known fact that colors have the power to change the room’s character which could subsequently influence our mood as well.

Basically, any color that is calm or soothing in nature is termed as the cool colors as they tend to diminish away and does not overpower the space.

So, if you have an inclination towards soothing, calm colors and wish to bring in the cool effect right into your bedroom, read on. Here, I am listing out such 7 cool color scheme bedrooms for you to explore and get inspired from!

Master Bedroom Designs

1. Icy Blue Master Bedroom Designs

Pale blue or icy blue, the color of the ocean and the sky that we all love to gaze on would help one to ease out, as it is a soothing color that exhibits a calm and quiet ambiance.

Introducing the color ice blue in the master bedroom designs can serve as a pleasant backdrop. But make sure to layer shades of blue in the form of cushions, bed pullovers and so on for a catchy effect! As this color scheme bedroom ideas would bind the space together in an elegant way that is clean and crisp and resembles the flowy shades of the water.

7 Cool Color Scheme for a Calming Bedroom

2. The Gray Blue Master Bedroom Designs Ideas

The gray blue-ish color combo is a beautiful neutral shade which would add a sophisticated touch to the bedroom. This neutral color exhibits a feeling of peacefulness that would help one to sleep and unwind better.

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7 Cool Color Scheme for a Calming Bedroom

3. Pale Blue, Gray, And Burnt Orange Bedroom Decor

Is orange your favorite color and are you contemplating on ways to introduce it right in your bedroom that too without drawing too much of the attention?

Then opt for the burnt orange shade! Combine it along with the pale blues and the grays.  Add a dash of burnt orange in your master bedroom decor and make it work as an accent color.

Bedroom Decor

4. Pale Green And Beige Color Combo For Bedrooms

If you love nature, then the color green is for you.  Introduce the pale version of green along with beige to break the monotonous feel and exhibit the calming effect. Moreover, the color green helps in reenergizing when we are exhausted. Hence, considered as one of the best color schemes for a calming bedroom.

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Bedroom ideas

5. Pale Yellow And Gray For Modern Bedroom Designs

Yellow, the brightest color can not only make the rooms feel larger but also brighter. So if you love to induce some fun, joy, and energy right in your bedroom that even exhibits a calming effect, then the pale yellow color would be the best. Team it along with layers of gray, from smoky gray to the pale ones to create a calm yet a welcoming look.

One could even include prints in gray, for instance, add a pair of an upholstered printed sofa in gray near a gray bed. Team it along with pale yellow walls and pillows in the mustard yellow shade to complete the look.

Modern Bedroom

6. Soft Whites, Pinks, & Grays Bedroom Designs

For creating a calming bedroom even soft pinks would work as wonders. Induce whites, pinks, and grays together to make the room not look like a candy! Since this bedroom color scheme consists of pretty color in simple neutrals hence it can be a  perfect way to add a soft touch of femininity to the bedroom.

7 Cool Color Scheme for a Calming Bedroom

7. Browns, Blues & White Master  - color scheme bedroom walls

The dark wood color when paired with an abundance of clean whites and blues is soothing yet looks bold. This color scheme would definitely provide you with a  calm, crisp space that is ideal to wake up every morning!

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Bedroom Color Schemes

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