New, Hot Modern Kitchen Design Trends you Need to know

published On Jul 02 2018

New, Hot Modern Kitchen Design Trends you Need to know

Designs keep on evolving from time to time and as far as kitchen design is concerned, I have observed people putting in their extra efforts when it comes to kitchens. Be it a colorful utensil selection to be made or be it the kitchen backsplash tile, homeowners do crave for the perfect kitchen and end up browsing home decor websites on a daily basis for inspiration.

And if you are among those in a hunt to find out the new, hot modern 2018 kitchen designs that are in trend then you have bumped into the right post. Here I have listed down the must-haves that would turn your kitchen into a trendy, happening one!

Say Yes To Hi-Tech Kitchen Appliances

The health-conscious folks would just love the idea of owning a smart kitchen. Kitchen electrical appliances, for instance, such as fridges that would alert when the groceries run low or an electrical kitchen appliance like the coffee maker programmed to have your coffee ready by the time you wake up,  not just turn the kitchen modern but also turns the kitchen smarter at the same time. Hence try to bring in the hi-tech appliances for that trendy touch.

Kitchen Appliances

Download AutoCAD Drawing Of Kitchen Cooking Appliances

Add-In Touch-Free Faucets

Who wouldn't love to have an up-to-date innovative kitchen! One of the many things that would make your kitchen work much easy is the hands-free faucet for the kitchen sink. Such faucets have sensors that have the ability to sense the presence of hands. And since the faucet is used dozens of times per day, sensor activation allows one to keep the faucet clean and free of germs and even they reduce water use to a certain extent.

Free Faucets

More Open Displays In The Kitchen

With the availability of various fab kitchen appliances and kitchen decor accessories, hiding them behind the closet is probably not the right way to store.  Rather there is nothing more stunning in the kitchen than an alluring display unit with perfectly-organized open shelving! This concept would suit an open kitchen design the best as the kitchen would be visible from other rooms as well. Hence, say yes to more of open shelving as this could be a great way to accentuate a kitchen wall by showing off collections, cool kitchen gadgets, kitchen decor pieces and more. All you need to do is drill in some holes and hanging your favorite shelves. Voila, you are all set to display in style!

Open Kitchen

Include Pantry Walls

The more the storage, the better the kitchen gets! So why not focus more on the storage this year? And storage here isn't just about stored foods, spices, and drinks! Hence, the inclusion of two separate units is vital. And what could be a better addition in the kitchen other than the free-standing pantries!

Also, make sure to include appliances garages for a small appliance, drawer dividers for cutlery, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, deep drawers for pots and pans, as well as wastebasket cabinets for garbage These will make the kitchen look sleek and organized as well as makes the daily routine more effortless.

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Pantry Walls

Download Pantry Counter Design Design

Install Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Installing the same shade or color cabinets has turned out to be a common practice. So why not give the kitchen a surprise element by the addition of two different shades for the kitchen cabinets! Depending upon the kitchen design and the theme you may opt for a subtle shade or opt for a contrasting shade. But try to incorporate dark lower kitchen cabinets with light colored upper cabinets as they have been a hot trend, but in kitchen design for 2018, it’s also about a combo of different materials! Which would definitely create dimension as well as texture.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Why not include these in your checklist and try it out the next time when you plan for a kitchen makeover. It will not only make the kitchen look aesthetically appealing but will also upgrade the kitchen as per the latest kitchen trends.

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