Dressing Units that Complement most Bedroom Decor Styles

Dressing Units that Complement most Bedroom Decor Styles

The dressing units or dressers have been an important element of the bedroom design extravaganza over an extended history of design. Dressing units and vanity formed an integral part of a woman’s day-to-day life. Even today, dressers help add an edge to the bedrooms. They range from elaborate designs to minimalistic ones. These offer a handy storage for toiletries, perfumes, makeup essentials, so on and so forth. Apart from the storage, these also help add in a factor of glamour to the bedroom space. These units are an answer to the need of us being well-groomed up. The following article discusses a few styles of dressing units to complement an array of bedroom décor styles –

In Combination - The Bedroom Vanity

In cases, where a wardrobe is planned in the bedroom, one can try to integrate the dressing unit with wardrobe. This is a foolproof solution for any décor style of the bedroom. Just place a platform with drawers for the essentials and a nice seat or pouf, spice up the look by placing a huge mirror on the surface available and voila, you have the perfect solution for your dresser. This solution integrates well with the existent language of the room.  

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Bedroom Vanity

Bedroom Vanity Sets - Flaunt That Mirror

Add a hint of glamour to your dressing unit by adorning it with a colossal mirror. Try to carve out a dresser niche, which enables you to give a proper space for storage, a clean look to your room and the mirror that pampers your need to groom and adore yourself. The benefit of adding a colossal mirror is that space starts giving a more spacious vibe.

To own this style, one should go in for decorative mirrors to suit the room décor. The combination of colossal and decorative mirror dresser also acts as a focal element for the space. The cherry on the cake would be a hint of ambient lighting over the mirror.    

Bedroom vanity sets

Bedroom Vanity With Lights - Hang It Up

One of the most effective dressing units could be one, which is cantilevered or hung against the wall. For instance, in the reference image, the wall is effectively used by hanging a dresser around it. This adds in a visual space to the room at the same time astounds the space with a chic vibe. This style emphasizes a contemporary and minimalistic look to a bedroom and is an infallible choice for most of the bedroom décor styles.

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Bedroom vanity with lights

Utilize The Niches For The Dressing Table

Many bedrooms come with innate niches; these could be utilized to come up with nice dressing units. By doing this, one utilizes the space and also make a bespoke dressing unit. Have a nice hanging unit or a full-length unit with an intrinsic looking glass, topped with a fine pouf. This style would sure help make a statement in any bedroom and the plus is that it is unique to one’s space. This style can be a spice to even the simplest of bedroom décors.  

Dressing Table in a Niche

Nightstand Cum Dresser - Dressing Table With Drawers 

These days when there is a dearth of space and everyone seeks for more with less, then the most amazing idea is to integrate the use of multiple furniture items. The dresser and the nightstand can be integrated to serve both the purposes. Moreover, this is easy to achieve in almost all the décor styles. To add on to the look, add in a colossal mirror, which gives a dimension and focal point to the space. The tabletop can be used for keeping your essentials at night and as a dressing table by the day.  

dressing table with drawers

Go Vintage  - Dressing Table Mirror

The vintage elements suit almost all the styling formats. Go in for a contrasting table in vintage style, with an ornate mirror and a nice seat. To add on to this look, add rustic or delicate lighting fixtures as an accompaniment. To own the look, try to create a balance with colors and lighting in the room. Ta da you have your dresser complimenting the styling of your room. One should create magic and a piece of art by this style of the unit.   

dressing table mirror

DIY Styled - Furniture Dresser

DIY is the best way to suit every style. By crafting it oneself, one tends to customize it according to the existing setup of the bedroom. Also, by adding a crafted element one makes sure that it is unique by all means and also adds an emotional value to the furniture piece. So go ahead and style your very own dressing unit.   

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furniture dresser

Mirror, Mirror On The Dresser - Makeup Dresser

Mirrors are just like a cheat sheet for any style. Fix the mirrors aptly and your look is sorted. To give your dressing unit an edge, style the surfaces of the table with the help of the mirror. Variants of mirrors can be used such as – frosted, tinted, etched etc. to design a state of the art dressing unit. Mirrors are yet another foolproof method to go with all the styles and eras of design.   

Makeup dresser

Metallic Minimalism - Makeup Desk Vanity

To accentuate the look of a bedroom, go in for a metallic structure for the dresser. The finishes of the surfaces could vary according to the existing theme of the room. This style gives a metallic sheen to the unit along with structural stability. With the use of a metallic structure, one can reduce the visual load of the entire unit. Style the unit with a contrasting pouf, and, voila, you are good to go.  

makeup dress vanity

Dressing tables are an important piece of furniture in any bedroom. It is essential to keep in mind the space available while planning the dresser. This helps in determining the style of the unit that one wants to go in for. These are but a sneak-peek into the broader pallet of dressing units to suit an array of bedroom décor styles. One can go into details with respect to material, finishes, ornamentation etc. to arrive at the perfect dressing unit for their room. A dressing unit is no more just a vanity area for women but a common element used by all the genders to groom themselves.

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modern dressing table ideas bedroom with dressing table awesome dressing table ideas bedroom with unique dressing table

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