Beautiful Coffee Tables to Enhance your Living Room

Beautiful Coffee Tables to Enhance your Living Room

Updated on 2019-10-31

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Today, coffee tables have risen from mere furniture pieces to a piece of attraction. Coffee tables or center tables (as many people call it) are steadily making their place in the necessary list of the furniture items. There is an array of coffee table variations available in the market vis-à-vis, style, aesthetics, material, DIY etc.  These help in bringing in a transformation largely in a living room. Apart from the appearance, the introduction of beautiful coffee tables can bring about a change in the dynamics of a space. In the article are discussed a few examples of coffee tables that can enhance a living room

Simple Wireframe Coffee table

A Coffee table can be set up by using an interesting pattern in wireframe as its base, with an experimental material or a regular material on the tabletop. Apart from being contemporary, the wireframe base helps to give the table a light and airy feel. Whilst, one can go crazy with the experimentation in origami folds for the base; the sky is the limit for the material for the top.

Download Wooden Modern Design Center Table

Coffee Table

Woven Magic - Coffee Table Designs

Anu Tandon Vieira, of the Retyrement Plan, transforms and upcycles useless tires into useful furniture. The designer wraps the discarded tyres with plastic wrappers, strapping, yarn and whatever one could think of that could be woven. These add a twist of color to the space in a balanced manner. And these are even child-friendly, as they are devoid of sharp edges and are practically indestructible.

Coffee Table Designs

Table On Table - Adjustable Coffee Table 

Table on a table is a concept that has two tables, where, the idea is that the tables are interlocked but, when required, these can be detached as and when required. The two tables can display a difference in material and aesthetics.

Modern Coffee Table

Best Coffee Tables - The Zing Of Wheels

Zing up a living room with the vintage charm of wheels. Add wheels to a cart styled coffee table to add an edge to the space; the x-factor a space needs to be enhanced. Experimenting with different type of wheels can lead to numerous variations.

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Coffee Tables

Transformed – DIY

One of the beautiful adornments of a living room could be a DIY-ed element as a coffee table. An upcycled or recycled not only helps to reuse old things but, also adds a charm to the space. Off the table ideas, for instance, could be - repurposing a grandmother’s trunk, fruit crates, broken glass pieces and a soldering iron, so on and so forth. The repurposed items not only are close to one’s heart but also present themselves as unique entities. Go ahead and add the charm of repurposing discarded things to your living space.   

Wooden Coffee Table

Unique By Choice – Raw And Rustic Coffee Table

To opt for a one of a kind design, one can go in for the tree pieces cut in a manner that they retain the original contours of the tree. This adds into the raw and rustic feel to the living room. Club the coffee table with contemporary furniture and colors to complete the look. The natural and organic profile of the tabletop as against the regular geometrical profile, offers the uniqueness to it, setting it apart from any other piece.

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Rustic Coffee Table

The Finesse of Jewelry in a Coffee Table

A unique and artistic coffee table, which, is evocative of a fine jewelry piece.  The table blends in the contrasting features of vis-à-vis delicacy and strength. The elegance of tempered smoked glass over a stainless steel base would be an inviting addition to a living room space. A very nice accessory for a contemporary taste.

Accent Tables - Modular Coffee Table

A modular coffee table can be comprised of varied and similar modules. The permutations and combinations of the modules can result in interesting compositions. Besides the composition, one can use the various modules for different functions. The table could be used from ‘whole to part and part to whole’. The table can even be used as stools or poufs for sitting.

Accent coffee tables

Whether we realize it or not, coffee tables are an integral part of living room interiors. These are elements, which are seldom noticed or given importance. These can prove to be more than a piece of furniture and be like an object of focus or an object of art and aesthete. Coffee tables also help define the space layout of the living room. The movement is planned around this particular furniture piece. In the above article, a few coffee tables have been exemplified, which offer functional requirements and at the same time help in making a statement.

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