8 Easy Way to add a Pop of Color to Modern Kitchen

published On Jun 12 2018

Easy ways to add Color to your kitchen

It’s almost every homeowner's dream to own a modern kitchen. And when it comes to modern kitchens, the first thing that flashes in mind is the installation of a modular kitchen set! As it can make any kitchens free from clutter, also allows one to use every inch of the kitchen space in a very practical manner and create beautiful kitchens.

Though when it comes to kitchen design, all the attention is taken away by the space management initially. But it is equally important to turn the kitchens into an interesting space and what can be better than the right of use of colors in the kitchen.

Here, I am listing down various ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Do try these ideas out during your next kitchen renovation and turn your kitchen design into an alluring one!

1. Install Vibrant Backsplash

Did you know it is easy to add a pop of color in the modern kitchen by adding stylish and colorful backsplashes? And since backsplashes are available in various materials like the ceramic backsplash, granite backsplash, glass backsplash, metal backsplash and so on, it can be used as a  highlighter in the kitchen. All you need to do is opt for a backsplash that would suit the overall kitchen colors and kitchen design concept.

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beautiful kitchens

2. Adorn The Kitchen With Wall Arts

An easy way to liven up the kitchen space is by adding wall arts right into the kitchen. Be it a vibrant large abstract wall art or any colorful artifacts, it can easily add colors to the otherwise neutral walls.

kitchen with wall arts

3. Pop Of Color on Ceiling

Worry not! If you love to stick with your classic white kitchens, timelessly elegant black and white kitchen or white and grey kitchen, you can still manage to add color to the kitchen by splashing color to the ceiling! Opt for pastels and neutrals like powder blue, silver dusty gray and so on, that would add color and accentuate the ceiling but at the same time doesn’t darken up the kitchen. Additionally, make sure to enhance the look by adding light fixtures that create a style statement!

kitchen ceiling design

4. Add Colorful Soft Furnishing

Be it the upholstery for the bar stool set, table runner, rugs or any other soft furnishing, make sure to opt for vibrant colors that would complement each other as well as goes well with the overall kitchen color concept.

Kitchen design ideas

5. Add Fresh Indoor Plants

Nothing can beat the indoor plants! The presence of plants at any given space would instantly liven up the space. You may either add ornamental plants or opt for adding herbs right in the kitchen. Team it along with fruits and vegetables in wicker baskets and place it right on the unusual kitchen countertop island table along with elegant bottles to add the fresh pop of colors, the natural way.

kitchen decor

6. Highlight The Island Table

How about highlighting the kitchen breakfast table or the island table? Try to give these units a fresh coat of paint. A contrast color! This is another way of adding a pop of color to the kitchen. You may further enhance the look by customizing the drawers handles. 

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kitchen island designs

7. Colorful Vibrant Platters And Pot

Another instant way of adding colors is by adding platters and pots in your favorite colors!  Place it on the open shelves of the kitchen. Voila! And you are all set to bring in color to your kitchen with a very little effort

white kitchens

8. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Incorporate the best kitchen colors into your kitchen, You may opt for a two-toned kitchen cabinet colors like shown here. It uplifts and creates interest in a kitchen that lacks design features!

colorful kitchens

Try out these easy tips and tricks to add a pop of color to your modern kitchen, and gift it with a more stunning look!

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