What are the most Important Things to Choose a Perfect Coffee Table?

What are the Most Important Things to Choose a Perfect Coffee Table?

A coffee table, as everyone knows is low in height accent tables which are usually placed along with the big sofa set or placed beside the accent chairs, for placing beverages, coffee table book, coffee table decor objects, and so on.

And when it comes to living room designs, coffee tables do come in mind, as it is part of the living room furniture set. Moreover, each and every piece of furniture has a role and purpose, so has the coffee table! Be it for aesthetical or utility purpose.

Though coffee tables are common and part of every home decor, guide with a few points would help you in narrowing down your choices right away.

1. Accent Coffee Table - How Important Is The Location And Function

Decide for which space do you need the coffee table, is it for the living room, the family room or the bedroom?

For instance, if you would need a more formal coffee table in the living room designs, then opt for delicate surfaces such as glass, depending upon the living room interior design theme being set.

Whereas in a family room you would need a wooden coffee table with storage options. Also, wooden tables require low-maintenance compared to glass tables and are even scratch resistant. Moreover, the adjustable height coffee tables are best for living cum dining room design for working or eating.

And, you can opt for coffee tables with wheels in the bedroom. And roll the coffee table away after the morning coffee!

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Accent Coffee Table

2. Coffee Table Designs And Materials

The coffee tables are available in numerous varieties from traditional rectangular design to contemporary designs and the selection of the materials entirely depends on the interior design style being implemented in the home. Glass coffee table top over steel or brass suits the formal look well as well as gives a contemporary or sophisticated feel. Whereas the wooden coffee table, for instance, a black coffee table would look modern yet classy! Even center table with leather or faux leather can work with several design styles and act as a magnificent coffee table centerpiece.

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Coffee Table Designs And Materials

3.Coffee Table Plans - The Size And Spacing Of The Coffee Table

Depending on the size of the room, the size of the living room furniture set along with which the coffee table is going to be placed needs to be considered too. Even the average coffee table height should be a few inches lower than that of the living room sofa or accent chairs. Moreover, the coffee table should fit well within the seating arrangement as the guest seated around,  should be able to reach the table with ease.

Coffee Tables

4. How To Select The Shape Of The Coffee Table

Well, apartment decorating ideas is all about maintaining the aesthetical as well as the practical aspects. So when it comes to deciding on the shapes of the coffee table, certain factors need to be considered. For instance, you can opt for:

  • Rectangular coffee table: for beautiful living rooms with a large L - shaped sofa.

  • Square coffee table: for a compact living room arrangements.

  • Circle coffee table or various curvy shaped tables: for homes with toddlers. As these coffee tables have smooth corners hence, a safer option.

The Coffee Table Designs

5. Styling The Coffee Table Sets

Styling the coffee and end table sets are equally important these days! As unique and innovative designs are available, it can turn a simple space into a magnificent one, so why not pair two coffee tables together, or pair two coffee table in similar shape but different sizes together?

For instance, you may team a pair of circle coffee table together, and adorn it further with decorative accents and carpet beneath, like shown here! Additionally, make sure to choose curtains to make the living room look fab and add both direct and indirect lighting to complete the look.

By keeping all of these important points in mind you can choose the perfect coffee table for your home instantly!

Coffee Table Sets

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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