9 Essential Vastu Tips to consider while designing your Bedroom

9 Essential Vastu Tips to consider while designing your Bedroom

Updated on 2018-11-24

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While we ponder over vastu tips to be considered while designing one’s bedroom, the question strikes – why consider vastu? What is vastu? Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that is based on the philosophy that any space harnesses prana (life) into it just as any living being. Therefore, vastu follows a grid pattern called the vastu purush mandala, which symbolizes a space into a human being, with different directions adept for varied functions. Vastu is basically an assemblage of beliefs and ideas, to improve the quality of a particular space, in line with the five elements of nature. One should consider vastu, as the beliefs help in improving the existing energies of a space to affect the occupants in a positive manner. Bedrooms are intimate spaces and the way they are designed spatially and aesthetically can have an impact on a person to quite an extent. The article discusses a few vastu tips that should be considered while one is in the process of designing the bedroom

#1.  Bedroom Layout - Provide for Liberal Circulation Space

Keeping in line with vastu, it is advised to have ample circulation space in the bedroom space. This comes at the planning stage itself. One should chalk out a lucid bedroom layout and plan the bedroom furniture with the adequate dimensions and clearances. One should keep in mind to not create a clutter with the furniture. Go in for the type of furniture according to space in the bedroom. While planning the circulation one should refrain from blocking passages and doors to other spaces by means of furniture. This leads to hurdles in the flow of energy throughout the space.

bedroom layouts

#2a. Bed – Direction

According to the science of Vastu, one should avoid sleeping with their heads in the North. It is believed that if one sleeps with their head in the North, the result is inadequate sleep quality. If this is not possible under certain layout issues, one should consider placing a partition to equip the room with correct direction. The recommendation for the ideal directions for a bedroom wall or a bed’s headboard is either East or South. As South brings in better sleep quality. While East and South are the best directions to place your head while sleeping, West direction can be considered if a person wishes to walk on the path of fame.   

Check out the AutoCAD drawing of a desk as a headboard.


#2b. Bed Frame – Material

While choosing a bed for your bedroom, wooden beds should be preferred over wrought iron beds. This is because of the belief that metal tends to have negative vibrations while the wood has positive and soothing vibrations. Which is quite an essential point to take care of while designing a bedroom. After all, who needs negative energy in a relaxing place such as a bedroom!  

Bed Sets

#2c. Bed Sets – Alignment with and of the Corners

It is suggested by Vastu that one should refrain from aligning their beds with corners or sharp angles. However, this condition is difficult to follow in these times with small rooms, but care should be taken nonetheless to stick the beds to immediate corners or angles. This belief is to be considered as, if you block the corner with the bed, it hampers the overall flow of energy. Also, one should avoid aligning the bed with sharp angles as these are supposed to induce stress in the room resulting in lack of peace and calm.     

Download Bedroom Furniture CAD Blocks

9 Essential Vastu Tips to consider while designing your Bedroom

#3. Bedroom Accessories - Mirrors And Their Beliefs

Who doesn’t like a mirror to adorn the interiors of their bedroom? Though there is no harm in housing a mirror in one’s bedroom, the only thing to remember while installing a mirror is that it should not reflect the bed. According to vastu, it is a belief that any part of the body that is reflected in the mirror while lying in the bed can increase the possibility of illness with respect to that body part. This is because, while sleeping the body emits stress, which in turn is reflected by the mirror, thus causing an impact on you. To integrate the mirror in the bedroom trying to place it on the side of your bed, to avoid the reflection of the bed; or about 3- 4 feet above the floor level, to avoid the reflection of the bed in the mirror.

In a case where placing a mirror without it reflecting the bed is inevitable, try to cover the mirror before sleeping.

Bedroom Accessories

#4. Bedroom Door

While planning the doors for your bedroom, keep in mind that the doors should open to its complete swing or at the least at a right angle. This point owes to the belief that the doors are gateways to opportune prospects. The door should be openable to the maximum swing in order to let the positive energy flow freely into the room. After who would want hurdles between them and opportunities or positivity.

Bedroom Door

#5. Bedroom Design Ideas - Avoid Planning Electronics

If the vastu tips are to be followed, one should avoid keeping electronics such as television, computers and other gadgets in the bedroom. This is because these electronics are supposed to emit waves that disturb the tranquility of the room. If one insists on placing a TV in the room, then it should be at a considerable distance from the bed, also, it should not act as a mirror reflecting your bed. Whilst, if one chooses to have a laptop or PC in the room then it should be contained within a partition and far off from the bed.

Bedroom design ideas

#6. Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Mark Of Positivity

While designing your bedroom, you should keep in mind to install cheerful and progressive pictures or artwork in your room. Especially on the wall right in front of the entrance door or the first point of sight for your bedroom. Vastu says the first thing to hit your sight when you enter your bedroom should be positive as it imparts a feeling of peace and tranquility. These things could be your favorite pictures, nice collages, quotes that are close to your heart, motivating and pleasing artworks, valued antiques and accessories etc. so plan your focal walls and artworks accordingly. Besides being pieces of art these will also help in imparting life and dynamism to your bedroom.   

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

#7. Bedroom Design - Provide For Natural Light And Ventilation

Both natural light and ventilation are important factors to consider while designing a space. Good amount of natural light and fresh air helps in employing good and positive energy to your bedroom. While the natural light illuminates the space, proper ventilation ensures desired and adequate air changes. The room should be designed with an adequate amount of windows and ventilators, keeping in line with the standard window to wall ratio. To harness good natural light and ventilation it is advised that the windows be placed in North or East walls. This is also scientifically justified as both the directions are devoid of the harsh sun giving in good quality of illumination and air. 

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9 Essential Vastu Tips to consider while designing your Bedroom

#8. Clutter-Free Bedroom Furniture

It is very essential to keep the clutter off your bedroom; therefore, one should make provision for all things to refrain from creating a clutter. One should have storage units or wardrobes planned in a manner that all the entities can land up in an organized space, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the bedroom. This point or tip is of utmost importance while designing your bedroom, as everything can be preplanned – what utilities go where and things like these are sorted in the initial phase itself. A clutter free room gives a sense of extra space and at the same time does not obstruct the overall energy flow.

Bedroom Furniture

#9. Recommended Bedroom Colour Ideas

Colors are a very important component of designing any space and is quite essential to choose the right colors when it comes to an intimate space, such as a bedroom. Colors not only decorate one's room but also help in imparting a character to the room. Vastu suggests that the ideal color palette to go for while designing your bedroom is that of colors composed of soft and light shades. Colors such as off-white, cream, shades of subtle pink, tints of brown, are considered apt for the bedroom. Psychology suggests that the shade used in a space can help in transforming the mood of the occupant considerably. One should choose light and vibrant color to liven up space as well as their mood in case of stress.  

One should refrain from using dark shades for bedroom walls, as they are believed to emit negative vibrations. However, one can apply an accent of a darker complimenting shade and subdue it by using supporting accessories on the wall.  

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Bedroom Colour Ideas

With so many books and vastu consultants around, vastu has gained immense popularity and people strive to make their places perfect when designing it. It has become a belief system that, even the slightest of variations according to vastu can make a larger impact on the occupant’s life. Aforementioned are 9 essential tips that vastu suggests to be paid head to while designing one’s bedroom. These are simple and practical tips that if adhered to will give good quality of spaces and circulation in the bedroom. After all, one need not stress about inadequate circulation or light and ventilation or the likes in their bedrooms, which is a space meant to de-stress oneself.  

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