Have Hanging Chairs in your Living Room to keep the Charm On!!

Have Hanging Chairs in your Living Room to keep the Charm On!!

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Hanging chairs were chic and made for über fashion trends in the yesteryears. So they say that the past trends do come back to glory with a slight makeover. These pieces make for a perfect niche to lounge and savor those lazy hours of the day. What better than a little enjoyment with relaxation. The perks of having a hanging chair are that it goes well with any kind of setting while adding an X-factor to space. It hanging chair comes in various forms in the market, from vintage ones to the ones having a quirky appeal. These are a nice alternative to the plain chairs, as; they offer a formal feel as well as informal. The bonus is that the chairs are ceiling hung, therefore, allows for a clear floor space. One can even choose from the various textures and styles of the hanging chairs to stylize their living rooms. In the article are discussed the various hanging chairs that can help to retain and amplify the charm in a living room.

Ceiling Chair - The Woven Enchantment

The ceiling chairs with woven backs could be suspended from the high ceiling to impart some dynamism to space. These offer a nice substitute to the monotonous sofa sets. The advantage of the woven backs is that you have an array of colors to play with. These are sure to remind you of your childhood swing sessions. Have them in your living room with high ceiling and let them enchant and cast a spell on anyone near them.

hanging chairs

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Hanging Chair Swing - Light As A Lace

To give an uncluttered and a light feel, choose a chair with a lacy filigree. The lace could be molded or macrame. Have this suspended in a corner of your room and voila, the perfect personal niche that you require is ready. This helps you to steal some personal time in an otherwise private space such as a living room. Let the charm of the finesse and delicacy of the filigree brush you off your feet. All you need to do is incorporate fabulous sheer curtains to complete the look!

hanging chair swing

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Hanging Chair Wicker - A Contemporary Charm Of Wicker

Wicker has something about it that, casts a spell on the onlooker. In the past, also people saw furniture made out of wicker in their spaces. Even today, wicker is being used extensively, attaining a contemporary format. The material gives a feel of being in touch with the roots. It has a natural charm to it, thus, passing it on to space it has been used in. The mere sight of it gives a feeling of lightness, peace, and warmth; something that every human craves for at the end of a hard and long day.

hanging chair wicker

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Hanging Swing - Have A Floating Bubble In The air

Transparent hanging chairs are a very chic and modern outlook to the entire concept. These perfect hemispherical chairs, give an impression if they were bubbles floating around. Besides, the transparent nature of the chairs provides an edge, as any living room color palette would look beautiful against its backdrop. One can curl up in this glass ball and relax. These carry an elite and elegant charisma to them, as they make themselves fit into any theme that space portrays.

hanging swing

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Swing Chair - Colour Pops Do The Magic

Colors are a symbol of bliss and life. Add a pop of colors by going in for a hanging chair with a colorful body that acts as an accent for your living space. The tactile quality of the shell of the chair can make a huge difference when considering a colored chair. Colors have their own charm and can help in creating a nice contrast and life in a monotone themed room.

Swing chair

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Double Swing Chair - Experiment With Shapes

Try to break out from the conventional forms of the hanging chairs and go in for varied shapes and bodies. As a cue, one can go in for minimalistic and ergonomically designed double hanging chair. Minimalism has its own appeal with respect to space and element.

double swing chair

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Pedestal Hanging Chair On Stand

If one is not sure about the idea or the placement of the hanging chair, the best go-to option is a modish pedestal chair. The advantage with these chairs is that they can be kept, rotated or removed from a space at whims. Any chair type can be made into a pedestal chair by means of a strong framework. This type is a lot in vogue as it plays its charm not only in the living spaces but can alternatively be used as garden furniture or be placed in a niche in one’s bedroom or study. So sit back in this amazing chair and let it lure you and your guests.

hanging chair on stand

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Hanging Hammock - Triangulated Wireframe

A wireframe chair is just like the one with a lacy pattern, but with straight and clean intersecting lines. This is a nice option to go for when looking at contemporary interiors. Place it near a fireplace, a focal wall or a bookshelf to add in the charm of this beautiful hanging chair.

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hanging hammock

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Egg Swing Chair - Egg Shaped Chair

This is a design inspired by the shape of an egg. The beautiful profile help in encapsulating your tiredness of the day. It is a perfect shape to give you your personal space when you need it the most. The entire ensemble with the cushions and seat in complementary colors is a relaxing sight all by itself. An egg swing chair is a balanced form, which gives this chair its eloquent charm and adds an edge to the design of the space as a whole. So, have this amazing chair and snuggle up like a cocoon.

egg swing chair

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Hanging Chair - Yarn At Its Best!

People have been making chairs out of crafts such as macramé, crochet, knitting etc. These crafts have their specific magic on to anyone who experiences them. So go in for a yarn based chair, if you are someone who appreciates the craft practices. They can be customized according to the color, weave, knotting, so on and so forth to give you your bespoke piece. These are yet another elegant addition to your living room.

hanging chair

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Hanging Chair From Ceiling - Plain To Fab

Even a plain sofa set can be transformed into a fabulous furniture piece by just suspending it from the ceiling. Convert your motionless sofa set into a dynamic hanging set to attract vibrancy and life in your living space. This can be thought of as a vogueish alternative to the old-fashioned swings that every household had in the past.

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hanging chair from ceiling

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Hanging Chair Rattan - The Old World Charm

There was a period wherein cane swings were quite in fashion. Everywhere you would turn, you could see similar pattern swing chairs for sale. This design carries an old world charm with it. The utmost simplicity and neutrality of this pattern go well even with the modern taste of interiors for a living room. These have charmed the world in the past and will continue to do so.

hanging chair rattan

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Cheap Hanging Chair - Hammock

Hammocks have made their own place in the realm of hanging chairs. These can be said to be the oldest type of a hanging chair. People used to make it themselves in the past, with the help of the available fabric. Today, the hammock has also gotten a makeover. Inspired by the traditional hammock chair, the designers came up with a more comfortable variety of these. Instead of just having a fabric, the modern hammocks come with a foam inserted in. This increases the comfort level of the hammock at the same time makes the hammock look very inviting.

cheap hanging chair

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Hang Around Chair - Open Weave

In case you do not want to fill up your living space visually, go in for a hanging chair that has an open weave. Which means that more open the chair is more is the visual space you feel. So go ahead with this choice of hanging the chair in case you have a small or a crowded living room.

hang around chair

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Clear Hanging Chair - The One With The Cushions

Another way to create the hangover of the charm of your hanging chair is by placing a lot of cushions on it. Try experimenting with colors and patterns for the cushions to make the chair more lively and vibrant. The choice of your cushions also helps in harmonizing the clear hanging chair with the relative theme of the entire living room. These are tangible elements, which can be changed now and then to keep the magic alive.

clear hanging chair

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Hanging chairs are simple yet chic options to stylize your living room. These chairs are trendy, appealing and ergonomically perfect. To add in life to your living space, give it the presence of these hanging chairs as an alternative to the boring immobile seating. One can choose from a plethora of choices available in the market, according to the language and style of their living room. You can go in for a piece that is extremely sober to a piece that is full of quirkiness. Hanging chairs become your personal niche in an otherwise open space. So hang in there and enjoy your favorite book, movie, drink, phone call or simply relax. Not only, do these become the owners’ favorite but also play their charm on the guests. These are hard to resist and everyone wants to grab a seat in one of these suspended chairs. Somewhere in the subconscious, these take you to a nostalgic land of childhood memories. Go ahead and have your hanging chair transform your living room into a charming portal of peace, relaxation, nostalgia, mysticism!

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