Stunning Ways to use different types of Indirect Lighting Techniques in Interiors

Stunning Ways to use different types of Indirect Lighting Techniques in Interiors

Light is an art and science that forms an important part of any interior space. Although every designer designs space to bring in maximum natural light to space, indirect lighting is equally important. Indirect lighting techniques can help enhance interior spaces throughout the day. The ambient light as an element helps in bringing in a lot of play to the spaces, by means of highlights, shadows, and colors. There are various types of light fixtures available today, according to the purpose. Indirect accent lighting offers options from creating accents in a room to achieving mood lighting for space. The following article aims to highlight certain indirect lighting techniques that can be used to enhance interior spaces.

ambient light

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Architectural Lighting - Ceiling Lights

The ceiling is one of the most unnoticeable elements of any space. Consequently, to enhance a space, putting up lighting fixtures on the ceiling is a good option. Either the fixtures are flushed or recessed into the ceiling or lighters could be hung. The light from uplighters is reflected in the room by means of the ceiling. One can even go in for a false ceiling with hidden cove lighting in beautiful moldings to create ambient lighting in a room. Apart from the light, if the ceiling light fixture is done up with a nice design, the combination will automatically draw one's eye up.    

architectural lighting

Ambient Light - Backlighting Or Accent Lighting

Backlighting is an option to go for when one wants to highlight a particular frame in the room. For instance, this technique can be used to highlight mirrors, television, painting frames, sofa or bed backs, panels, etc. This type of lighting is done by means of LED rope lights. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in interior design due to their efficiency, longevity, and affordability. These lights are great for any type of lighting application including accent lighting, task lighting, and general illumination.

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Wall Washers

The Wall washer helps in accenting a specific wall, thus creating a focal point in the room. Also, this technique helps in enhancing the textures of the wall.

Bathroom Lighting- Wall Washer

Accent Lighting - Concealed Lighting

One of the techniques to enhance a space by means of indirect lighting is by concealing the main source. This acts as an element of surprise in the room, which increases the curiosity in the viewer as to where the light is coming from. At the same time, this helps in creating accents and thereby ambient lighting in the space. This technique creates a subtle and nice effect with the help of light at the junctions, vis-à-vis wall–wall, wall-floor or wall-ceiling.    

accent lighting

Decorative Lights - Pendant Or Table Lighting Fixtures  

Hanging pendants are a unique way to illuminate your space. They look beautiful hanging from the ceiling and provide a soft glow throughout your entire room. However, Table lamps are a classic choice for any home. They are simple and elegant and provide a warm glow to any room. These lamps might be inserted with a very low wattage bulb, but, it helps in making a difference to the space in question.

decorative lights

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Contemporary Lighting - Track and Rail Lights

Track lighting is a type of indirect lighting that uses metal tracks to suspend lights from the ceiling. They are perfect for illuminating spaces with indirect lighting. Moreover, track and rail lights are used to create a focus on a particular thing, but, if they are directed towards the wall, then they can help in accentuating a wall. This helps in enhancing the space as the direct light from these fixtures creates discomfort, while, pointing them towards the walls helps in reflecting better ambient light.

contemporary lighting

Through The Floor Light

The floor again is an unlikely space element to cater to indirect lighting. The interior spaces could be enhanced by the use of nice artistic floor lamps. Alternatively, a beam of light can be introduced under the furniture or can be integrated with the flooring. Floor lights can also help in creating interesting and nice mood lights in a space. Similar to ceilings, floors can be integrated with recessed light fixtures. These can help in pulling out an effect on a wall or marking a trail on the floor.

deco lighting

LED Lighting Strips  

The LED lighting strips are available in the market, which can be integrated with any surface viz. ceiling, wall, floors, stairs etc. to light up space. These can be done in various colors, pertaining to the color scheme of a room. The light from these strips is soft and can help in highlighting a particular portion or element of a space.

led lighting strips

Indirect lighting can be achieved in many ways to enhance interior spaces. While indirect lighting helps in creating a soft light in the space, which further helps enhancing the feeling of coziness. Apart from the techniques, it is important to stress upon the color and color temperature of the light used. Indirect lighting not only helps to enhance feelings but also enhances spatial effects. One can even give a small room the feel of a larger space, by means of indirect lighting. Only the lighting treatments can also help in creating a difference largely.   

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