7 Tricks to Get More Clients for your Architecture Business

published On Jun 04 2018

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Setting up your own architectural design practice requires serious experience and dedication. Above all, the urge to be successful is what is important. But once a new business is set up it really gets difficult to get clients. With more than about ninety thousand registered architects In India and more than half of them running their own business, it is only the best firms or individuals that can draw more clients.

Here a few tricks that can help attain more clients for an architecture business.

Social Media Presence

In today’s world, social media platforms are the best way to self-endorse yourself or your business. Marking a strong presence on these social media sites and actively participating in them draws a lot of positive attention. Another way is to sign up for architectural design websites such as PlanNDesign. Actively participating in Facebook groups, responding to matters on Twitter, sharing design inspirational contents and keeping your LinkedIn profile updated are the basic tricks to attract more clients.

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Blogging - Getting Blog Published

For architects, it is very essential to communicate with the general public in the form of written and/or visual media to illustrate and represent the quality of work they do. Architecture and interior design articles, photo stories, AutoCAD Designs, views on the subject and their portfolio of works should be available either in digital form such as blogs or in the form of print media. Publications, both digital and print are great ways to let the world know about the type of work you do and the views you hold. With more communication, more clientele is gained.

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Public Events  For Architect 

To come to the notice of potential clients, hosting or attending public events within your professional community is a very important step. It is a great way of socializing with people from and outside the fraternity which in turn adds up several contacts to your business list. One should also never miss a chance to speak publically and grab any opportunity to be able to come to public notice. Motivational and intellectual speakers such as these 5 Most Popular Architects can draw a lot of clients.


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Expand Your Architectural Design Network

Networking is a very important aspect in any kind of business. In Architecture, it entirely depends on networking either directly or indirectly. Increasing one’s contacts is very important as that is how your name spreads and you come across new clients. One should always work with clients who have a wide range of networks and can further refer you to their contacts. As important is generating new clients, so is maintaining a close relationship with past clients. A happy client can be a boon to your business as word of mouth is the best sort of advertisement. Also, do not forget to keep up with your employees.  Increasing your communication within the office has a strong effect on outside networking.

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Architecture Competitions - Collaborate With Competitors

Cutting it through on one’s own is not that easy for newfound businesses. Also getting one’s name involved in big projects is not possible for small firms. So the best trick here is to partner with bigger firms that handle high end and much larger projects. In that way, one can have the name of their business associated with the project. Being a small part of large projects brings one’s name to attention and on the larger media. So collaborating is a very clever way of gaining some quick accolades.

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Architect Branding

Advertising or branding is the most common thing that helps firms or individuals get more clients. Unless one makes themselves known, it isn’t possible for clients to hire them. Creating websites that are not complicated and easy to access is very important. If someone needs to reach out to an architect, they should be able to do that with ease. Ads in the print media are also used, although digital branding is preferred nowadays. A catchy and attractive website with list and details of your work only builds up the clients’ confidence to hire you for the job.


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Pro Bono Architecture

Doing pro bono work is a great way to build one’s status and reputation very quickly in the society. Working pro bono i.e. without any payment, either for the people who cannot afford the services or for simply building up your portfolio, is easily recognized and published in newspapers and magazines and earn you the credibility of being an architect and lets your work be known to the world. This can, in turn, expand your contacts and get you the next big project.

In the end, getting more clients and coming out as a successful business practice is only a matter of hard work and perseverance. Being a good human is the most basic trick in making a mark in the industry. By being polite and courteous to the clients one can add up to a good impression and further dictate their choice in the future. So one should always remember to smile and say “Thank You”!

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