Finally an Architect: What next?

published On May 28 2018

Finally an Architect: What next?

After spending five strenuous years of sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, hundreds of redo’s, frequent backaches and red eyes and persistence over the years you come out successfully as an architect. You are graduated and have already registered yourself at the CoA. So, what next?

There might be a plethora of options one could venture on as an Architect but there always needs to be the proper guidance and choosing the correct path that suits your aspiration.

Securing A Job As An Architect

The most basic and important thing to do after becoming an architect is to be employed. Most people try to start by working under the guidance of some big architect and gain professional knowledge. This is the fundamental step to whatever one wants to go ahead in the profession. Experience counts like money in the architectural profession and though it becomes really difficult for a fresh graduate, patience is the key. If one is into service, the initial salary might be low but with years of experience, one can earn a sumptuous amount.

Starting Your Own Architecture Practice

Now, this is what most architects aspire to do, if not instantly after graduation, sooner or later in their professional life. Starting your own architectural practice as a freelancer requires a lot of dedication and responsibility. Learning to deal with the professional world, to handle clients and a working office is not an amateur’s job. Most architects learn these things while initially working under a mentor or a guide. Gaining contacts and references is also an equally important aspect of starting one’s practice. In the end, confidence is what does the trick.

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Architect Education - Going  For Higher Education

A major section of architects goes for masters in architecture once they become an architect. The reason behind this is to gain more expertise and insight on the facet of architecture they want to embark their career upon. Architecture is a broad subject. It has several branches to it and specializing in one of them through higher education increases your value as an architect further. Hence most people prefer to go for higher education once they become an architect.

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Architectural Design Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way of working with young architects. Without having any specific hours of working, it has gained popularity over the years for being flexible and highly payable at the same time. Though it does not guarantee a continuation of work in hand, it is sought after by the younger generation as it is also a way of self-branding. Nowadays people want to be identified for their work rather than being lost in the name of some firm. Freelancing is also a good way to self-empower yourself.

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Architecture As Profession - Be Different

Architecture is such a profession that it never fails to offer something extra. Many people after becoming an architect choose to combine the profession with their passion and create something different. Photography, journalism, research are to name a few. Though not widely accepted yet, these facets of architecture are slowly coming into practice. When you have flair towards a certain art you should never give it up but instead use it to your advantage.

In brief, one’s journey as an architect in the professional life just begins after graduation. Having being entitled as an architect is not all, but to come out successful one needs the correct balance of patience and perseverance and above all an ambition to do something worthy for the society.

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