Clever Design Hacks to Decorate the Low Ceilings

Clever Design Hacks to Decorate the Low Ceilings

The design is all about making space better, liveable and comfortable. Its all about perfecting the flaws. Design helps in making lives better. The place where an individual spends his/ her majority of time has a vital impact on behavior, mood, and habits of that individual. The ceiling is one of the most neglected but an essential element of a space. The ceiling helps in defining the nature of the space. A high ceiling may develop a sense of hugeness, whereas a comparatively low ceiling develops a feeling of littleness, an impression of a bird trapped in a cage. But with a few design interventions, the flaw of the low ceiling height can be transformed into an effective design element.

Here, we have discussed a few design interventions that may help to transform the space in a better way.

Ceiling Designs  - Play With The Colors To Develop An Illusion Of A Higher Ceiling

Shades help in developing an illusion of distance. Play with colors to challenge the space. Try painting the ceiling with a color lighter than the colors used to paint the walls. This helps in creating an illusion. Another way is to add various tones in the wall color, the addition of lighter tone as moving towards the ceiling helps in developing an illusion of height. Another way to make it look better is painting it all in a single solid color, which helps in blurring the definition. Avoid using a darker color on the ceiling as it makes it appear closer and space appear much smaller.

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Low Ceiling Living Room

Contemporary Curtains - High Curtains

Curtains hanged higher, closer to the ceiling helps in creating an illusion of higher ceiling. It adds up to the element of verticality. It reduces divisions and makes it look appear longer. Avoid curtain rods in a close proximity of the lintel level. Drag it upward up to the ceiling.

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contemporary curtains

Best Furniture - Act Wisely While Selecting The Furniture

Go for the low height and minimalistic affordable furniture. Avoid clutter. Head towards the cleaner and bolder definitions which help to define the space in a better way. Bulkier furniture makes space look smaller.

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best furniture

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Customise The Doors And Windows

Play with the joinery, lift up the lintel levels closer to the ceiling. This maximizes natural light and adds up a sense of vastness to space. In case it’s difficult to change the lintel levels, try adding fixed architectural glass panels above doors and windows.

architectural glass

Designer Glasses - The Glass Is A Friend

Add different types of glasses as much as you can to make it spacious. Add glass doors, walls and glass partitions. Also, try adding glass at ceiling level as a skylight. More is the light, more spacious it appears. Addition of natural light is a good design intervention to minimize the flaw of a lower ceiling.

designer glasses

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Ceiling Light Fixtures - Light Makes It Better

The preferred lighting choice for a room with low height ceiling is spotlights, flush lights, pendant lights, and down hanging lights, which helps in shifting focus away from the ceiling. Heading towards wall lights instead of ceiling lights is also a good option.

ceiling light fixtures

Accent Wall - Shift The Focus

Add the color element as it helps in shifting away from the focus from the low height ceiling. Adding up a patterned focus as an accent wall bedroom may help in generation of an object of focus. Adding up vertical patterns also helps in developing an illusion of increased length. Painting a diagonal on one wall from the center also helps in the creation of an illusion of enlarged space.

accent wall

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