Stylish Ceiling Designs that can Change the Look of your Home

Stylish Ceiling Designs that can Change the Look of your Home

Home is a place that makes you feel a variety of emotions. The aura created in the home has a great impact on these emotions. At the times of redecorating a home, it’s a tendency to focus mainly on floor and walls, neglecting the design of ceiling. The ceiling coverings are general left undone, or simply painted white. A little attention towards the ceiling may result in the transformation of the space in a better way. The ceiling design is very important and can efficiently help in transforming the overall design of the space. Here we explore the options available while designing a ceiling.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffers are an ideal choice for large column-less spaces. They are lightweight and offer a variety of opportunities in design. Further, the coffers offer an opportunity for matching interiors. To emphasize the ceiling, the coffers can match the door and window frames, which develop a sense of uniformity. It's not necessary to have matching coffers, white ceiling with white coffers also offer an elegant space. Also, it offers a symmetry to arrange the light fixtures. Coffered ceilings prove to be an elegant choice for formal spaces, such as drawing rooms, and dining areas.

Living Room Coffered Ceiling Designs

Ceiling Panels - Striped Ceilings

The horizontal stripes add a factor of length to the design. Space, which requires an illusion of length, stripes, are an ideal choice. It is preferable to match the color of stripes on the ceiling with that of the wall. Here, the designer has cleverly used the stripes on the ceiling but not only the wall, which diverts the attention towards the sloping roof. Also, the color combination used develops an aura of calmness in the space.


Here, the pink and white striped wallpaper offers a visual break from the pink walls, enhancing the look of the room instead of disrupting it. The choice of thick stripes enhances the overall look of the room.

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Ceiling Ideas - Arched Ceilings

Adding arches in design reflects royalty and luxury. It enhances the sophistication of space. Arches are an element of ancient times, the elements of forts and cathedrals. The arched ceiling transforms the space by adding a factor of luxury and traditionalism. Arched ceilings are generally paired with arched doors and windows, and offer quite an elegant look. The arched ceilings may vary from exposed beams to minimalist designs, to the ceilings with intricate designing.

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Acoustic Wood Panels - The Warm Wood

Wooden ceiling ideas are an amazing feature to add on. Team it with a wooden themed wall as it adds a sense of warmth to the interiors. In addition, it makes the space more homely. It looks charming when the beams are exposed. Moreover, a contrasting color scheme may do wonders with the design. Combining wood and stone may result in a great outcome, which is organic in nature as well as quite comforting. It’s a common thing to use wood as a flooring material, but using it as a ceiling material instead of flooring may help in achieving a look which is unique, warm and comforting.

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles - The Modernistic Approach 

The POP and Gypsum acoustic ceiling panels are the running trends in the modern homes. A play with light and levels may help to transform the overall image of the space in a very efficient manner. Sculptural ceiling design, the efficient play of levels and diffused lighting are quite trending these days. Simplicity is the key when talking about the modernistic approach, bold and clean designs are preferred.

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acoustic ceiling tiles

acoustic ceiling

Ceiling Materials - The Concrete Finish

Concrete ceiling decoration is best in large homes, and can only be imitated by using paint or a concrete render. If you have it, flaunt it. Concrete flooring, slabs and brick wall decor are generally used in industrial designs but they can also be an interesting choice for home decors. They offer a rough and unfinished look that makes them stand out.

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