How to Design your Bedroom like Five Star Hotel

How to Design your Bedroom like Five Star Hotel

Time to take a sneak peek right into the personal space within the home, the bedroom! When it comes to dream bedroom, the softness of the bed, the texture of the curtains, the warmth from the light, the fragrance from the scented accessories, the bling from the golden touch on the decorative accents and so on, along with a beautiful view of a pool or a garden is what crosses anyone's mind. Therefore, glamorously designed bedrooms would catch instant attention and definitely everyone would have an urge to own a personal ‘’ five-star hotel’’ like a bedroom.

So if you are one among those, looking out for ways to create a 5-star hotel like a dreamy bedroom, that too with some creativity, technology, and inspiration. Read on!

1. The Heavenly White Fluffy Bed - Luxury Bedroom Bedding Sets

The cloud-like white fluffy bed is one of the common prop found in every 5-star luxury hotel bedroom.  Since the bed is the main focal point within a bedroom, achieving the heavenly cloud-like bed in your own bedroom is important.

The trick to achieving the same is by opting for cotton sheets in solid lighter shades like the crisp whites, off-white. And begin adorning the mattress with a mattress pad that has an elastic edge as it protects the mattress and also makes the bed look little cozier. Spread a king sized sheet above and tuck it in neatly from each corner. And finally add the comforter, quilt or duvet and tuck in well, in the bottom corner and fold the top half. Place the standard pillows in whites or off-white first and team it up with throw pillows or toss pillows. But just make sure that the cushions don’t overlap the comforter. Voila, the heavenly bed is all set!

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luxury bedroom bedding sets

2. Accessorize The Bedroom - Five Star Hotel Bedroom Decor

Moreover, just concentrating on the bed sheet material, layering  and color isn't enough, as the luxurious feel is brought into the frame  by the accents added on to the bed, be it the plush headboard, the fur like rug or luxurious bedroom carpets beneath the bed or by  any other luxury bedroom accessories placed around the bed. And these altogether would take you one step closer to the five-star hotel like luxurious bedrooms!  

Here is a beautiful example of The Art of Accessorizing in Interiors

Hotel bedroom decor

3. Turn The Lights On In The  5 Star Hotel Bedroom Design

Light plays a major role in any space, as it helps in creating a required ambiance. Make sure to add both the direct and indirect lighting. Add table lamps on either side of the bed with a reading light too, that can be separately controlled. Make sure to add focus lights for showcasing any decorative accent, art pieces. Even adding task light to closets, that would turn on automatically when the closet door is opened would be a great addition too! Moreover, make sure to provide ample lighting around the makeup mirror vanity. Additionally dimmer to controls on!

5 star hotel bedroom design

4. Drape The Windows - Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Time to focus on the drapery, make sure to go for fabric that suits well with the bedding. Add two different materials, one that completely blocks the sun and one that is transparent. Motorize the window treatments with open and close switches at entry and bedside for a more hi-tech effect. The drapes must bring in the luxurious feel of that of a hotel curtain!

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5. Create A Nook With 5 Star Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Is it important to create a nook in a bedroom? Well, in a hotel room you may find a space for everything! Be it a place for reading or a place to have coffee. Therefore decide on activities that you wish to include within the bedroom and plan the space accordingly to give it a five-star hotel feel.

Homeowners just have to set a budget and glamorize the space accordingly to create the relaxing retreat. And with all these details one could give themselves the gift of luxury within a bedroom by actually mimicking the ‘’luxurious hotel like’’ bedroom, a personal space to wake up in, each morning!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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