How do I choose the Best Color Scheme for a Master Bedroom?

published On May 22 2018

Color Scheme for a Master Bedroom

There are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to interior designing. Be it choosing pale muted color tones or overdramatic shades, the choices made can only lead you towards one master bedroom design style, among the various interior design styles.

But just in case you are contemplating on ways to choose the best color schemes for your bedroom to create a perfect bedroom design that would showcase your personality aptly, then read on to explore!

1. Bedroom Color Schemes - Start With The Basics

The first step towards the decision making of color scheme is observing the master bedroom layout thoroughly. As picking the best bedroom colors from the color palette for your master bedroom can be fun, if you know the rules that need to be followed.

So no matter be it a new project or a remodeling work, you need to consider the colors of the doors, the windows, the bedroom flooring as well as the bedroom furniture. As binding, the color scheme of all of these with the entire bedroom wall space is essential to create a specific storyboard.

bedroom colors

2. Bedroom Colors - Follow The Color Wheel

When it comes to choosing colors for the master bedroom, opting for colors that exhibits an aura of peace and calmness as recommended. For instance, the analogous color schemes on the color wheel (the colors next to each other) such as the blues and the greens would be the best.

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bedroom colors

3. Bedroom Color Ideas - Set A Color Scheme

Start picking colors that you like for instance, the patterns of the bedroom furniture, floor, bedroom accent wall, patterned upholstery, bedroom wallpaper or large piece of artwork. For instance, for the neutral colored bedrooms decor, choose patterns such as the whites and the beige.

bedroom neutral color scheme

4. Bedroom Paint Colors - Stick To The Color Ratio

To get the best out of the color scheme that you have selected for your master bedroom, divide the colors into space with 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary color and with 10 percent of an accent color.

Hence, the walls covering the majority will have the dominant color, the secondary color would be represented by the upholstery whereas the art decorative piece or throw pillows would represent the accent color. Following this ratio would proportionately balance out the colors.

bedroom colors

5. Bedroom Paint Ideas - Adorn The Master Bedroom With Colors Vertically - From Dark To Light

Make sure to stick to a darker color for the floor, medium color for the walls and light for the ceiling. Following this transition of colors from the darker shade to the lighter palette, vertically from bottom to top works as wonder, as it could instantly transform and uplift the master bedroom interiors.

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bedroom paint ideas

6. Bedroom Wall Colors - Tuning The Color Palettes For Master Bedrooms

The colors consist of tints, tones, and shades which would help you in providing variations by creating various levels of color brightness. So make sure to choose a color for the walls that need to be highlighted first and then pull one color from the scheme for the rest of the area.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Try out these tips and tricks the next time to turn your dark and dingy master bedroom into a fab one!  

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