Brilliant Tips to Negotiate an Architect's Salary

published On May 15 2018

architect salary

Entering into the commercial world of architecture, the profession of architecture is relatively a slow accumulation of money. However, with the passage of time, working in the right direction by applying for jobs and internships in architecture and by developing the much-needed skills, as well as developing effective negotiation skills, one can manage to land upon the desired salary package. Here, are some tips to negotiate the salary as an architect.

Architect Portfolio - Demonstrate Yourself As An Asset

A company pays for the value an individual possess as an asset. Demonstrate the value you possess that made you build a career in architecture before asking for a salary hike. The demands negotiating salary are only considered if an individual possesses high value to the company. Demonstrate your architectural skills, communication skills, technical skills, management skills, leadership skills etc. Quantify your worth to the company. During the negotiation, never forget to mention your actions that have enhanced the business results. Make them believe that you totally deserve it by showing them your professional architecture portfolio.

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Have A Reasonable Request

Be reasonable while demanding a salary hike. Giving reasons such growing family and demands or unable to meet the living expenses are not the proper reasons. It is better to work with the skills and attributes you possess. Make sure that they are current and necessary and ask for a reasonable upgradation of the salary. The reasons have to be genuine and must not be out of context.

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Architect Benefits - Negotiate Perks And Benefits

There are cases when the salary is fixed and it can’t be increased beyond a certain limit. In such cases, it's better to negotiate perks and benefits instead of salary negotiation. Try negotiating the number of vacations, health facilities, transportation expenses and all such things. Sometimes the combined value of the salary offered and the benefits and facilities provided ends up making up a satisfying salary package.

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An Architect's Job - Do Not Reveal The Demands

Avoid revealing the salary you expect in the beginning. If asked, talk about the range you expect. This gives a chance for negotiating the salary later. It is better to talk about the salary expectation later when you have been selected for the job. Talking about salary in the earlier phase delivers an idea about the desperation towards money. It is better to discuss the salary package once the owner has ensured that you are the best suited for the job.

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Architect Design - Research In Advance

Before negotiations, it is better to research the market price of the skills acquired. Knowledge about the market rates of the concerned service in that particular area helps in a better negotiation. The scarcity of the concerned skills in the market also facilitates the negotiation activity. Also, do consider the location of the organization. It is possible that the pay scale for same work and position is different at different locations. Carefully research the rates in the area.

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Architecture - The Perfect Timing

Timing is definitely a major factor that determines whether you’ll be rewarded with an increased salary or not. Be knowledgeable about the time when the raises are generally granted at your company. This enhances the chances of getting a raise. Select the appropriate time and aim a perfect shot.


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