Tiles Talk- Pros and Cons of different Tiles

Tiles Talk- Pros and Cons of different Tiles

Deepa Raj

Updated on 2018-11-24

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Tile plays a vital role since it cannot be skipped in any construction. From the floor to walk on to the unique accents right in the foyer, tiles do offer a tailored look for each and every home designs. Though there are many different types of tiles available, the most common ones being used among the natural stones are the granite and the marble.

There are a few other natural stones available too, with its own natural variations, own unique markings, pattern, and texture, that offers an individual and timeless look. They can be used on a variety of surfaces to bring in the required natural beauty and timeless elegance. Hence, why not try out these tiles mentioned below, the next time? As even these natural stones are an excellent choice for bathrooms with both luxury and durability!


Limestone Tile is a beautiful, naturally warm, durable stone, which is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Home dwellers, those who are planning to give their home a  natural and rustic look, and cannot afford granite and marble can opt for limestone tiles.

Lime Stone Tile

The Pros Of Limestone Tiles

●     Cost: The expenses for installation of limestone tiles are a lot cheaper than other natural stone such as marble and granite.

●     Durability: Limestone floor tiles are extremely durable and will last a lifetime if sealed and maintained properly.

●     Aesthetics: Limestone flooring exhibits a beautiful,  rustic, natural look.

●     Best Feature: It is a soft stone when compared to other natural stones, therefore, can be cut into any size. Even a mosaic design made out from small chunks of limestone is achievable, due to the softness of the material.

 The Cons Of Limestone Tiles

●     Maintenance: Limestone has to be regularly maintained, and has to be sealed to protect it from stains. And softer limestone requires even higher maintenance.

●     Soft: As it is quite soft when compared to other natural stones so it can be easily damaged or chipped in high traffic areas.

Here we share a beautiful example of Tile Ideas to Give a Refreshing Look to your Bathroom


Quartz Tile is a strong, dense natural stone incorporated with sandstone, that creates a glossy luster with a delicate sparkle, which makes any room look fantastic! Moreover, it is a hygienic choice as it is non-porous, and doesn’t absorb water, bacteria, or germs. But make sure to avoid using chemical cleaners as this may scratch the tiles over time.

Quartz Tiles

 The Pros Of Quartz Tiles

●     Low maintenance:  No sealing or buffing required at all, as they will remain in top condition from the moment they are installed, till the time one decides to replace them.

●     Aesthetic Value: It looks shiny and it retains its shine for a considerable length of time, that too with low maintenance.

●     Cost effective: Quartz is not the most expensive tile.

●     A strong material: Quartz is strong, and won’t chip or break until a major amount of force is being thrown at them.

The Cos Of Quartz Tiles

●     Slippery: Quartz floor tiles are shiny, and can be slippery, therefore, make sure to mop up any spillages, to avoid an accident.

●     The quality may dull in time: The color intensity of quartz floor tiles can dull with time.

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Travertine Tiles main distinguishing feature is their unique appearance. It features natural pits and voids, that patterns the surface, to give each piece a unique identity. They are available in various stunning colors and patterns.

travertine tiles

The Pros Of Travertine Tile

●     Cost: Travertine tiles are less expensive when compared to marble or granite tiles.

●     Durability: They are durable. And has a non-slip surface.

●     Adaptability: They can be easily shaped and cut to fill oddly shaped spaces inside the house.

The Cons Of Travertine Tile

●     .Maintenance: Travertine tiles require extra care and maintenance as they have microscopic pores that allow liquid to seep in, therefore. requires the application of a penetrating sealer during the installation. Moreover required periodical treatment throughout the life.

●     Coldness: They don't retain heat very well and the tile can get cold quickly during the winters. Though placing area rugs can resolve this problem to an extent.

So before purchasing the natural stone materials, or any tiles for home, browse through our relevant posts to understand the characteristics of each material for every budget, every area, and every desired aesthetic.

Since various tiles are available, one could create a shortlist first,  and then head down towards showroom to explore and create the desired ambiance. Even consulting an interior designer can be useful, as they can help one with making the correct selection.

Lastly, take a read of the Which Tiles are Suitable for Indian Floor?

And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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