9 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make the Most of your Space

9 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make the Most of your Space

Updated on 2018-11-24

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Usually, small space designing mainly revolves around illusion. The ‘’illusion’’ of making a small space look larger by tricking the eyes. This strategy helps one in creating a balanced look with the use of a right amount of color, scale, and light. Basically, regardless of its size, any space should be able to function as per the room’s demand. Therefore, if you are not happy with your existing small living room layout and hence, planning to give your small living rooms a makeover, then try these ideas out!

1. Small Living Room  - The Color Pop

The first thing that you get to hear when it comes to any small living room designing is that use light colors. Yes, it is true to a certain extent but that shouldn’t stop you from surprising the onlookers with something interesting!

Focus on just one wall and follow the beautiful color trends of summer 2018!  And opt for light bright colors like the yellows and greens to give that living room an instant pop. Or in case, if you prefer to stick with an all-white living room design, try including colors in form of decor pieces that coordinate well with the overall design.

Here is a beautiful example of 12 Ways to Get a Colourful Living Room

small living room decorating ideas 2018

2. Small Living Room Arrangement - Avoid Using The Bulky Furniture

Ones the background is all set, focus on the furniture to rejuvenate the living room. Opt for furniture pieces that are pale light in color instead of darker ones, as that gives a lightweight appearance.

Moreover, any furnishings that don’t obstruct views will make an area seem more open. For instance, use glass or acrylic coffee table, chairs and team it with a sofa that looks slender as furniture that appears to be bulky will obstruct views and make an area seem more cluttered.

small living room decorating ideas

3. Opt For Floating Furniture

The struggle of fitting in the furniture in a small space ends right there as soon as you think of including floating furniture! For instance, add a floating T.V unit and use the window space for extra seating. This provides more space for seating as well as keeps the floor space open. Also, team these living room furniture set along with a few living room styling accessories to turn the space into a stunning one!


living room decorating ideas for a small space

4 Make The Room Multi-Functional

When it comes to the small room, the functions it carries out gets restricted to a certain extent hence it is vital to pay attention to the layout to use the space practically. As far as living room decor is concerned, small homes don’t have a separate dining space thus has to be included within the living area.

So make the living cum dining a multi-functional area. Opt for the small glass slender dining table with acrylic chairs or go for the customized foldable table. These sort of designs work the best for narrow spaces.

small living dining room decorating ideas

5. Divide The Space And Functions Using Rugs

Incorporate the use of rugs in the design as it anchors the space by tying furniture arrangements together. Consider using runners or stick with rugs that fit the size of the furniture that extends a minimum of one foot on both sides of the furniture.

small living room decorating ideas on a budget

6.Small Living Room Accent Wall - Create A Focal Point With Mirror

It is a known fact that the first thing being noticed in the room is the room’s focal point. So why not use mirrors this time! Even mirrors are an attractive yet a cost-effective feature, that can dress up the empty wall as well as make the small living room interior look larger.

For instance, hang a large rectangular mirror right above the seating area with a floating desk for living room decor accessories, this would give the small living room a  dramatic focal point!

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small living room wall decorating ideas

7. Window treatment - Blend In Shades With Curtains

Stick to the color code that’s being implemented in the entire room. But try combining both shades and curtains together. Combine sheer curtains in whites, off-white, beige with pale floral textures and coordinate it along with the blinds in the living room, it would definitely adorn the living room as well as give the room a breezy feel.

Here we share a beautiful example of Window Covering Dilemma - Blinds vs. Curtain

simple small living room decorating ideas

8. Say Yes To Vertical Stripes  - Repeat The Patterns

Be it a wall art or texture on upholsteries, make sure to introduce stripes in the small living room as it visually adds length. How about adding a vertical patterned wall divider behind the sofa as a style statement and teaming it up with an area rug in vertical stripes to create a balanced look?

It sure does add length visually, as well as make the room look fab!

small space living room decorating ideas

9. Decorate With Lights

Give the final touch to the living room by adding light fixtures. But do not overdo by adding random lights all over. Opt for one pair of wall light fixture and complete the look by incorporating ceiling accent light. It highlights the ceiling as well as adds an aura of elegance.

small living rooms ideas modern

Try out all these small living room ideas to turn your small living room into an elegant space, that works practically and looks smarter, at the same time.  

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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