12 Ideas for Making a Large Living Room feel Cozy

12 Ideas for Making a Large Living Room feel Cozy

Updated on 2018-11-24

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Everyone urges to own a space that’s larger in size, but when it comes to designing the space, most of the space end up looking way too cold due to lack of planning. Hence, it is important to realize and understand that bringing in the best of furniture into a large space is not just enough to create a mind-boggling space.

So if you are among those homeowners owning a larger home and on a hunt to find out ways to turn a large room into a cozy nest, then you have bumped into the right post. And here, I have listed out twelve different large living room ideas and ways for the homeowners to get inspired by!

1. Create Zone - Multi-Functional Living Room

To begin with, sketch out the living room plan to create various zones. Since large living room design will just look dull with only a large sitting area set, so get creative and play with the size or shape of the room. Zone out the areas within the room as per personal requirement to turn the room into something functional, such as a conversation zone, a reading area with a  writing desk, a console table, a dining area and so on.

multi-functional living room ideas

2. Split - Level  The Zone In The Large Living

Split level means a space with multiple floor levels! Those who own a large living room can incorporate this concept into the living room design to bind the space together. With this concept, the main floor will contain the living area, whereas the dining room, kitchen or the family room will be just two to four sets of stairs higher from the living room. Moreover, in beautiful double-height living room designs, maintaining different floor levels can be an amazing addition!

making a large living room feel cozy

3. The Divide And Rule -  Visual Space Division

A budget-friendly way to zone out a large living room is by dividing the space visually. One could easily create the illusion of separate zones by using area rugs, wallpaper, living room dividers and so on. Moreover, furniture and decorative accent placement such as the sofa with its back to another space, large lamps, vases or plants can help divide the spaces and could help in creating visually cozy spaces within the larger room.

Here is a beautiful example of Living Room Must Have Styling Accessories

large living room design

4. Scale The Large Living Room Size

Most of the times, a large living room do come along with tall ceilings. So ones the zoning out of floor spaces gets over, start focusing the room vertically! In such cases opt for furniture units that are taller such as tall bookcase unit, chairs with taller backs, taller large living room accessories, floor lamps, taller crockery unit and so on. Additionally, the split-level concept, paint the ceiling a shade or two darker than the walls or painting two colors on the walls horizontally or using wainscoting would work as wonders in large living rooms with taller ceilings, as it would create a cozier feeling by balancing out space visually.

large living room design layout

5. Colors For A Large Living Room - The Color Play

It is a known fact that living room in the light color palette that sparks unique and bright combination is used to make a space look larger. And create an illusion of openness around. Similarly, splashing deep dark shades or adding large patterns can visually break the size of the walls to a more comfortable height and width.

texture designs in living room

6. Mixing Textures In Living Room -  Repeat Textures And Patterns

Since a large living room would consist of more accessories and furniture for each zone, the way to tie up a large living room is by repeating textures and patterns in the form of fabric patterns on chairs, throw pillows, table runner, floor vases and so on.

art as focal point in living room

7. Create A Focal Point

Be it a small room or a large room, having a focal point in the space is important as it’s that part of the room that grasps the attention of the onlookers instantly. Moreover in large spaces, creating a focal point would help in teaming accessories and furniture together in a more meaningful manner. For instance,  a large tall floor to ceiling book unit with a single fabulous armchair that has a floor lamp behind and the carpet beneath.

living room bookcase decorating ideas

8. Time To Accessorize - Go Bold Go Bigger

Do not restrict yourself from trying out decorative accents that are bigger in size.  Since, when it comes to large living room interior design ideas, grouping large living room art pieces or decorative accents together would create a bolder image when compared with several smaller pieces spread throughout. As a large living area with too many small pieces will only exhibit a feel of clutteredness.

Read this to know more about The Art of Accessorizing in Interiors

living room accessories

9. Pair The Furniture - The Twin Rule

A larger space needs a  larger impact, so how about implementing the twin rule? For instance, if a coffee table isn't big enough for space, pulling in two matching ottomans on either side would help, similarly opting to use two area rugs for two separate conversation areas would work perfectly rather than one large carpet. The point here is to create a greater punch by bringing and blending the furniture and accessories together to create a pleasing flow that screams comfort!

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large living room furniture ideas

10. Stay Away From The Walls

Usually, in small to medium-sized rooms, furniture is pushed back against the walls to create more space, but following the same concept in larger rooms will just ruin the entire look of the room. Instead, place the sofa with its back to another space and use the wall space for art display or console table. As an elegant console table placed against the bare wall with a neat grid of frames hung above is surely a fabulous combo.

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large living room designs

11. Living Room Interior Design Accessories - Say Yes To Soft Layers

Be it large living room rugs, cushion, curtains or any other soft furnishing decorative accents, including these to any room will just bring in an instant feeling of warmth and coziness. Therefore, make sure to have plenty of upholstered pieces!

living room interior design accessories

12. Living Room Lighting Design - Time For Creative Lighting

Since lighting can make a difference, add on more lights even though a large space with large living room windows, during the daytime, isn’t as much of a concern. But at night, light definitely takes the center stage. Without just opting for the standard wall and ceiling light focus on other ways to brighten up space at night. Choose a warm shade and opt for both indirect and direct lighting. Provide focus lights for the best display of arts, indoor plants, indirect lighting behind the TV unit, inside the crockery unit, pendant light above the dining, task light for the reading nook and so on.  Make sure to use different forms of light fixtures for each zone but at the same time do not overdo the same.

living room lighting ideas

With all these ideas, one could turn there own home into something highly desirable. A place which would not only exhibit the spark of modernity but also ooze out warmth-ness. Though it takes a lot more effort and tricks to tame an overly large living room, the end result is definitely worth the effort!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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