7 Modern and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

published On Feb 17 2018

7 Modern and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

In earlier days no much importance has been given to the interiors of the bathroom and they were left unattended. But thanks to the various hi-tech stunning luxurious bathroom accessories, homeowners preferences are changing gradually and the focus which was just on the plumbing has shifted towards the design and decor aspects too.

And why not? The bathroom has the capability to provide one with a ‘’spa-like’’ ambiance right within the comfort of home!

As depending on the budget there are various ways to design and decorate the bathroom starting with something most simple to most complex design. So here I am listing out some easy budget-friendly ways to decorate the bathroom, to turn it into a chic modern bathroom.

1.Restore The Sparkle In The Bathroom

To begin with, clean the bathroom well to remove the stains from the tiles caused by the dirt, soap, water spots and also spot clean the groups,  particularly the dirty areas to restore the shine back!

As a dull looking bathroom is just enough to spoil the entire bathroom decor, hence make sure to give your bathroom the much needed routine maintenance, to maintain the shine. Though the cleaning process is a daunting one, the end result would give the bathroom a clean brand look.

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 Bathroom Decor Ideas

2.Decorate With Tile Stickers

Bathroom tiles give a refreshing look to your bathroom! But since the process of removal is tedious enough, say goodbye to the old tiles by adding tile stickers over it. These tile stickers or removable adhesive tiles will instantly bring vibrancy into the bathroom. Even they adapt to any smooth surface, easy to cut and install and can be removed without causing any damage to the surface behind.

Team removable adhesive tiles in neutral patterns with vibrant abstract patterns, to create a fab bathroom wall to focus on!

Bathroom Tile Stickers

3. Change The Bathroom Light Fixture

Another way of decorating the bathroom is by including different types of lightings, such as the ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting. How about making the bathroom beautiful with candlelight?

Adding these various bathroom lighting fixtures for instance like the bathroom mirror light, washbasin under counter light and so on could bring in drastic difference to the overall bathroom decor. Therefore, make sure to play with the light by installing it at a variety of heights and directions both from the top and the bottom. These light fixtures would definitely provide the bathroom with a dramatic and appealing look!

 Bathroom Light Fixtures

4. Upgrade Bathroom Hardware And Bathroom Accessories

Decorating a bathroom in an easy way is possible if attention is given to small details within the bathroom such as changing the drawer knobs and pulls to give a new decorative touch. Also, make sure to match the new metal hardware to the faucet, lighting fixtures, and door hardware. And coordinate it along with modern bathroom fittings like towel bars, hooks in the same finish.

Bathroom Accessories

5. Display Artwork In The Bathroom - Bathroom Decor And Accessories

Wall art in Bathroom? Yes! Why not stare at something eye catchy while relaxing and enjoying the bath in a bathtub!  Hence, opt for wall arts as bathroom decor art which is water resistant and affordable at the same time!

Bathroom Decor Accessories

6. Hung Oversized Mirror With Backlighting

How about adding an oversized mirror! It is definitely an eye-catching accessory and can instantly uplift the bathroom that was lacking style. For instance, add one or two large mirrors with backlighting for a stunning effect over a long single-sink vanity.

Here we share a beautiful example of Use Of Different Lights In A Bathroom Can Make It Look Stylish

 Bathroom Mirror

Photo by Scott Bunney Architect - Search bathroom pictures

7. Fretwork On Bathroom Storage Units

To balance out the bathroom walls with tile stickers, add fretworks or overlays on storage units. Match the design with texture and lines to team it up with the vibrant wall of the bathroom. This easy to do idea could turn a very plain furniture into a unique showstopper piece!

Bathroom Storage Units

Try out these sure shot ideas to turn your old outdated bathroom into a modern one!

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