7 Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas, Style and Design Inspiration

published On Feb 17 2018

Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas, Style and Design Inspiration

In kitchen design, an island is basically the freestanding countertop unit with cabinet beneath.  And the addition of the same within the kitchen comes along with several advantages. For instance, it provides an extra storage area, can also be used as an informal dining area or as a breakfast nook and hence can be considered as the best furniture in the kitchen. It also allows one to multitask even while helping the children during their homework time simultaneously.

Since the kitchen islands can be used for various purposes, it helps in increasing the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency. Moreover, it can work as the focal point therefore, it is necessary to add kitchen islands as per the size of the kitchen, the demand of the kitchen as well as by considering the kitchen design concept in trends.

Hence, I am listing out such seven beautiful island ideas, styles and designs to get inspired by!

1. Kitchen Island Storage - Store The Dishes And Pans In An Organized Manner

Depending on the usage, kitchen islands have to be chosen. For instance, someone who keeps buying kitchen utensils and crockery sets often would definitely require more storage space. This is when the kitchen island with extra storage comes for rescue!

The kitchen island with deep drawers would be the best to store dishes. Moreover, these drawers come along with wooden pegs that would keep stacks of plates and bowls organized in a safe way. Moreover, this type of storage drawer works well for pots and pans as well.

Storage plays a vital role while designing a kitchen. We share some Essential Tips To Plan Clutter-Free Kitchen

 Kitchen Island Ideas

2. Kitchen Island All Set For A Party - Kitchen Island Cart With Wine Storage

Each room has its own vibe and so has the kitchen! And if you are one among those who love partying, then a wine storage kitchen island would be a perfect addition to the kitchen. All you need is to sparkle your kitchen with amazing kitchen lighting ideas!

And why not exhibit the wine collection that is safely organized and ready to pour? Moreover, it is a wonderful idea to wine and dine with friends and relax. 

Kitchen Island Ideas

3. Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

Depending on the size of the kitchen, one could accommodate seating along with the island. Including kitchen island chairs in the kitchen would just create an informal welcoming ambiance which would let family and friends converse as well as lend a helping hand.

Here we share a beautiful example of 8 Ideas to Decorate a Small Kitchen with Big Style 

Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

4. Kitchen Island Accessories As A Focal Point

Converting a kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing space is equally important, as it will let one use the space in multiple ways and for a longer duration.

If you own a  timelessly elegant large kitchen, opt for kitchen island which has both open and closed units. The open corner can be used to display some antique collection along with herbs in a pot.  As the fresh green color burst would instantly drag the attention of onlookers towards the kitchen island.

 Kitchen Island Design Inspiration

5. Kitchen Island With Open Shelves

The closed kitchen island cabinets can hide the mess whereas the open shelving is all about the right display, which needs to look well organized all the time. Hence, the idea of introducing open shelving right into the kitchen could be a tricky one, as it can easily make or break the look. But if used appropriately, it could turn out to be a perfect corner to display your favorite books!

Here is a design inspiration for The Perfect Kitchen Design One Would Dream About

Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas

6. The Two-Level Kitchen Island Designs

Surprise the kitchen with the ‘’two- leveled’’ kitchen island. It works the best for kitchens which are used for multiple purposes. For instance, like eating and cooking or cooking and helping kids with their homework and so on.

This kind of design is even perfect to create a breakfast bar. Hence, such islands with variation in heights will both maximize the utility and create a dramatic look at the same time.

 Kitchen Island Designs

7. Kitchen Island With Appliances

Another way of designing the kitchen island table is by incorporating cooking range on to the surface of the island. You may complete the look by adding customized niche along with the cabinet for paper towels, linens that can be grabbed easily when spills happen.

Kitchen Island  With Appliances

So whether you are planning to design a new kitchen or just want to improve the existing one, try out these kitchen island ideas and styles to design the kitchen efficiently.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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