Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

published On Feb 13 2018

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

When it comes to using of materials in interior designing,  glass plays a major role as it adds the required amount of style and sophistication, and is a material that is very much in trend and widely used in this industry.

But since interior designing is not just about creating a space that looks splendid, an interior designer do need to focus on various other factors and even need to consider whether the design actually demands the usage of glass. Glasses in interiors are used on doors, windows, roofs, walls and are even used as a partition. Hence depending on the design concept, the personal style of home dwellers and the purpose behind the usage of glass, designers take a decision on which glass to opt for.

Here’s a list of those factors that designers do consider while implementing the use of glass in the interiors.

The Basics - Know The Glasses From Its Appearance

There’s wide range of glass available for interiors that too in different textures and patterns and it can be transparent, translucent or opaque!

These are termed as the:

●     Clear Glass: The glass that provides a clear view of both outside as well as inside.

●     Tinted Glass: They are light colored glasses. Hence, depending upon the tinting,  the direct glare of sunlight can be dimmed or reduced.

●     Frosted Glass: It blurs out the images but still transmits light. Therefore, a glass used for visual privacy.

●     Reflective Glass: This type of glass has a mirror-like coating on its exterior surface. It reflects heat and radiation from sunlight but still allows the natural light to come in.

How Important Is Safety? Know The Various Features Of Glasses

●      Toughened Glass: It is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass. If it breaks, it will shatter into small pieces without any sharp edges hence, potential cuts and injuries can be avoided. Even it facilitates for easier cleanup as one does not have to carefully pick up the sharp pieces.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

●      Tempered Glass and Toughened Glass are almost the same and the terms are used interchangeably. These are extremely durable and ten times stronger than regular glass. Even these glasses reduce the chances of injury that is caused by shattering. Moreover, tempered glass is significantly cheaper when compared to laminated glass

●      Laminated Glass: Laminated glass consists of two or more glass permanently bonded together with one or multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It is used when safety is paramount. As when broken, it prevents the glass from fragmenting and is held in place by the interlayer. Though it produces a cracking pattern but keeps the layers of glasses bonded. It’s the same glass that is used in car windscreens, walk on floors, shower cubicles and so on. It is even used for sound insulation and can also withstand drastic changes in temperatures.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

Glasses That Suits Various  Interior Design Concepts - Glass Home Interiors

1. Energy Efficient Glass -The Eco-Friendly Glass For Eco-Friendly Homes

Planning to sketch out a modern home design concept and that too with the use of excessive glasses within the design, then these energy efficient glass is what interior designers would go ahead with!

As these energy efficient glasses are eco-friendly. They prevent heat from escaping in the winter and in summer obstructs heat from flowing in. Hence minimizes the waste of energy and reduces the cost dramatically. They even decrease fading of carpets, upholstery fabrics, any home decor accessories and protects them from losing their qualities and colors.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

2. Patterned Glass Or Textured Glass - Go Vibrant Or Go Subtle!

These glasses are also known as decorative glass and have a wide range of patterns on it. It is basically used to diffuse rather than blocking an object when viewing and is a popular choice for added privacy in a home or simply to add a decorative touch to a room.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

3. Clear Glass  - Suits The Modern Home Design Concept

The glass that provides a clear view of both outside as well as inside can be used as a glass wall, glass dividers, sliding glass for doors and large windows. Implementing the use of clear glass smartly would give a home unique, spectacular and modern look that would exhibit spaciousness and freshness.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

4. Acoustic Glass - Say No To Noise Pollution

The acoustic glass basically consists of two or more sheets of glass, that is bonded together, where the interlayers act as a noise controller. It weakens the sound as it travels through the glass.  And is considered the best option for homes constructed in crowded areas.

Types of Glass- You must know as Interior Designer

Moreover, the more the thickness of the glass gets, the safety and security feature gets better as well!

Knowing all these points are essential while constructing glass home interior design since it is the matter of aesthetics along with safety.

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