Tile Ideas to Give a Refreshing Look to your Bathroom

Tile Ideas to Give a Refreshing Look to your Bathroom

Updated on 2018-11-24

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Bathrooms though used quite a lot are ignored most of the time when styling and decorating comes into the picture. This is one of the spaces, which is very vital, and people spend quite a lot of time here. Even a small creative inclusion can create a lasting impact. Tiles, whether floor or wall, cover most of the surface area in a bathroom. It can alter the mood and appearance of the bathroom in an unimagined way. Tiles are available in an amazing range of colors, styles, materials, textures, and whatnot.  The following piece peeks into the possibilities of tiling ideas, which will change one's perspective of looking at bathrooms.

Fun with Bathroom Mosaic Tile Designs

Mosaics are a nice way to zing up space, Mosaics can be done using an array of materials vis-à-vis glass tiles, mirrors, stones, agate, quartz, onyx, aquamarine etc. One can add mosaics on the bathroom floors or walls or both, depending on the design. The design could also range from organic to geometrical. For the same, the sky is the limit with respect to materials and design. For instance, in the following image, the designer has used 24 K gold glass, agate and quartz jewel glass to create this nice and rich mosaic for a wall in the bathroom. Who can avoid staring and appreciating these fine mosaics!

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Bathroom mosaic tile designs

Vintage or sophisticated vibe- Bathroom Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is a magical and a sophisticated material. The mere presence of it creates a feeling of awe in the space. The mother of pearl pieces could be used alone to create a highlighting band; frame a mirror or a focal wall. It can also be used to create mosaics along with other materials. It offers a nice contrast to an array of colors. Therefore,  add color to your bathroom and team it along with mother of pearl!

mother of pearl bathroom set

The old world charm of Azulejo

One can add a little old world charm by using the handmade azulejo tiles. These handmade and colorful tiles add on to the charm in the bathroom. The color helps in livening up the not so lively place. Azulejo tiles are painted tin-glazed, Spanish and Portuguese tilework. These display nice geometrical as well as floral patterns. In the Indian context, these tiles form a part of Goa’s Portuguese context. These can also be achieved in monochromatic colors. The amalgamation of numerous tiles can create a nice focus and an eye-catching feature in the bathroom. Embellish a complete wall with these tiles or create just a band in the right place in your bathroom. Who would want to miss a chance to steal a glance at these nice and colorful tiles in the bathroom! Moreover adding these tiles to the amazing outdoor bathrooms would just be a fab idea!

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Framed with Bathroom Tiles

The tiles could be used to form frames around things or in abstraction. The frames can be created using colored tiles or different materials. For instance, one can put up tiles in a way that it created a visual frame around the mirror. Apart from the aesthetical value, tiles can also serve as an element of function. By creating frames with the tiles, one can segregate spaces and designate functions to the spaces accordingly. It all depends on how one wants to play with the visual aesthetic of tiles in a bathroom. Even teaming the tile behind the romantic luxurious bathtub designs would give the bathroom a stylish look. 

Bathroom Tile Designs

Create a focal wall of motifs - Bathroom motif ideas

Even if one likes to go for a subtle and neutral look for their bathroom, they can add a wall with different patterns or colors to create a focal wall in the space. A chance to stare and ponder at something while spending too long a period in the bathroom. Additionally, using certain patterns like the vertical one would work as a brilliant hack to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Bathroom motif ideas

Ombre effect in bathroom designs

One can experiment with the tones and tints of the same color to create the ombre effect or variation of the same color. This can help create an optical gradient on the wall, thus giving this dull space a vibrance factor. Go whimsical with the color choices, as the presence of tones and tints balances out the color aptly.

Bathroom designs

Interesting Bathroom Floor Tiling

If, a subtle and monochromatic theme is preferred for the walls, then, a nice and interesting floor tiling can be opted for. This helps to balance and to overcome the monotony of a single color or theme.

Bathroom floor tiling

Inlay work – Bathroom Bathmats

Another quirky idea that can be adopted is creating inlaid bathmats, with markings on it. For instance, designer Betty Lou Phillips in a French Villa inlays the bathmats and marks them with signs of Monsieur and madam on it. This adds on to the quirky factor in the space and is also an element that is out of the league.

Bathroom Bathmats

Go Geometrical Bathroom Tiles

With the era of abstraction on a high, Geometrical abstraction should be given a try. Mix and match varied tiles to achieve at an abstraction theme. Alternatively, stick to genuine geometrical patterns, such as Chevron, hexagonal, stripes, angular, so on and so forth. Geometry can be integrated with a range of colors or monochrome. Just be cautious to not use too many colors in a single composition. One can just add a pinch of color in an otherwise monochrome or neutral theme. 

Bathroom Tiles

Try Textures In Bathroom

With a lot of options in faux textures in the market, various unexpected textures can be used in the bathroom. For instance, wood is an unlikely material to be present in a wet space such as a bathroom, but, with the availability of faux timber tiles, it becomes an interesting possibility to convert a rather monotonous space into an exquisite bathroom space. The textures grab the attention and tend to amaze the users with the experience. Combine these with various other affordable ways to turn your bathroom into a spa

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Digitally Printed Tiles In Bathroom

It is hard to think of a material on which one cannot attain digital prints. The ease of digital printing opens up the possibility of translating wildest of imaginations into reality. Think of any graphics and experiment with compositions to get your art on the walls of your bathroom.

Digital printed bathroom tiles

Add a visual dimension with 3D Bathroom Tiles

Today there is a wide variety available when it comes to 3D tiles. 3D tiles not only add depth to space but also adds a textural quality to space. These help in creating effects where they are placed, such as waves, cubes, etc. Embellish a particular wall or a part of the bathroom with 3D walls to add interesting sciography to space. The play of light and shadow always make any space interesting and inviting.

3D bathroom tiles

Iridescent  Bathroom Tiles Design

The use of iridescent tiles helps in creating show wall in a bathroom. These tiles look exquisite as they reflect the light from and in all directions. It tries to create the effect of a gleaming cascade with its iridescent properties. These are available in many colors. One can experiment with a single color or different colors. A nice zingy effect can be produced by introduction of these tiles in an innovative way. For instance, these tiles could be used as shelf backings to increase the aesthetic value of the shelves in the bathroom. These can help achieve the ‘Royal’ and ‘elegant’ look quite attractively.    

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Tiles are a great way to enhance up an otherwise dismal space such as a bathroom. Materials such as stone, porcelain, glass, mirrors and the likes can be used to experiment with tiling ways to add a dynamism factor to space. The tiling could be implemented on floors, walls, shower walls, backsplash etc. Apart from the material, there is an array of patterns that could be experimented with to transform a bathroom into an interesting and inviting space. Bathrooms are no more boring and bottom of the list spaces but are being treated as the priority as people tend to spend their me time in their bathrooms. Bathrooms are a reflection of the personality, taste, and wisdom of the users. With the materials, patterns, and techniques available, creativity knows no boundary for tiling ways to change the perspective of the people for bathrooms.

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