11 Most Amazing Modern Sofa Design Ideas By Top Designers

11 Most Amazing Modern Sofa Design Ideas By Top Designers


Updated on 2018-10-14

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The sofa is an important piece of furniture in our lives and our living rooms. These days there is a humongous variety of sofas available in the market. Selection broadly varies with respect to, the design, cost, comfort, class, and material. Various aspects make a sofa look attractive and leads to instantaneous grabbing of attention. Apart from being an element of comfort, sofas also make a piece of creativity and aesthetics. Let's check out the 11 Most Amazing Modern Sofa Design Ideas By Top Designers-:

Creepy crawly – ‘Songololo Sofa’

The Songololo Sofa, designed by Haldane Martin, instates its inspiration from the crawly creepy creatures in nature. It has a nice curve, which sets it apart from its other contemporary curved sofas. The sofa could be made into any length owing to its pivot and bracket system. Users could curve the sofa into any shape. Apart from doing justice to the interiors due to the inherent flexibility, the aesthetics result in attracting the users to the piece.  

The Songololo Sofa, designed by Haldane Martin

Image Credit: Flickr

Designed to handle emotions

Designer Animi Causa came up with a seating system to reflect upon the ever-changing state of mind and body. The product goes by the name ‘Feel Seat’. This is made out of foam balls and can be played with to derive at your own set of the seat. One can relax, sit, play or do any activity as desired by the heart. The piece is made so that only glance at it is enough for it to attract you to itself. 

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Feel Seat by Designer Animi Causa

Image Credit:  Animi Causa 

For the Animal Lovers

Rodolfo Rocchetti from Rome designs sofas in the form of animals. These would definitely find an appeal amongst animal lovers and kids. He upholsters the sofa in the form of animals, with attention to detail.

Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti

Image Credit: Rodolfo Rocchetti

Space Making Sofa

Designed as a conclusion to a workshop conducted by DICRC, Ahmedabad. The seating allows for interaction at the same time uses maximum surfaces. This came out to be a modular system, consisting of three modules that could be used to form different arrangements as per the requirement. The seating is ergonomically sound and the entire assembly makes it attractive for even a passerby.

Modular Seating by DICRC, Ahmedabad

Image Credit: DICRC

Colourful Wedges – ‘Iris’

To designer Lubo Majer, the idea to use colors of the rainbow struck, which, resulted in the creation of Iris. The sofa is an agglomeration of seven upholstered pieces, signifying seven colors – seven elements. Colours when used in such a type of creative experiment always calls for its viewers. Two three chairs could be joined to form a bigger sofa.

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Sofa design by Lubo Majer,

Image Credit Lubo Majer

Unconventional Cardboard

Cardboard is generally thought to be a packaging material. However, a few designers such as Zach Rotholz (Chairigami) and Haresh Mehta (Jayna Packaging) attempt to create sturdy furniture pieces out of corrugated cardboard. The concept of cardboard and sofa is an attractive one in itself. The curiosity related to material instantly grabs the attention of the person in view of the furniture piece.

Cardboard Sofa by Zach Rotholz (Chairigami) and Haresh Mehta (Jayna Packaging)

Image Credit: Chairigami

Green Sofa

In today’s time, when the term green is in, a sod sofa would attract people in a blink of the eye. Though an outdoor sofa, a great idea for people who want to sit on the grass but due to reasons could not have the luxury to sit on the ground. Go Green with a Grass Sofa.

Grass Sofa

Image Credit: mnn

Metallic – Coin Couch

While, many materials can be put to creative tests to yield nice sofas, but, Jhonny Swing, uses the unimaginable material to create furniture pieces. He uses coins to create a sofa. This would definitely grab attention, if not for ergonomics, then for the huge amount of coins used to make the sofa. Creativity truly knows no bounds. A piece of coin sofa would very well be the focal piece as well as an artwork for any space.

Sofa Design by Jhonny Swing

Image Credit: Jhonny Swing

Modular – Do-lo-rez

Designer Ron Arad took pixel as his inspiration for the basic module. Each module has a square base with varying heights. This helps in coming up with an infinite range of arrangements as per the requirement. The module is the structure itself for the sofa. The module has a hard base to hold the steel studs and has a soft top to guarantee supreme comfort. One can make their own composition to fit their requirement of the sofa. The simplicity and modularity of the design help in gaining the attention easily.

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Sofa Design by Designer Ron Arad

Image Credit: Ron Arad

Refurbished with a vintage vibe

Interesting and attractive sofas can even be made out of old items. Old chambers, suitcases, car boots, and backs, etc. could be creatively refurbished and converted into cool and attractive sofas.

Sofa design by New Retro Cars

Image Credit: New Retro Cars

BUOY by Edra

Fernando and Humberto Campana at Edra came up with a tubular system for designing a sofa. This elegant yet quirky sofa consists of tubes filled with polyurethane and foam. The covering is made out of velvet, which emits a nice tactile quality to the product. One is intimidated and attracted at the same time to explore the various coils of the sofa.

Sofa design by Fernando and Humberto Campana at Edra

Image Credit: Edra

Sofas are an integral part of our lives, but there are only a few, who treat sofa as a piece of art. The sofa is that element of interiors which has to be comfortable at the same time has to be the focus of the room. A lot of activities and functions revolve around a single piece of the sofa. The sofa has to be there but the catch is that the sofa has to be designed in a way that it attracts the attention of the viewer instantly. In the above article, a few out of the box sofas have been exemplified, which offer function and help in making a statement.

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