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10 Bedside Table Style to Bedroom Makeover

Updated on 2019-02-20

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In the current scenario, bedside tables have evolved quite a lot. Apart from serving as a nightstand alone, they also serve purposes such as magazine or book holders, night light, portable work platforms, so on and so forth. This piece of furniture is no more limited to holding alarm clocks, radios, specs etc. These tables have emerged as a style statement in the bedroom design. These tend to make quite a difference in the overall design of the space. These little pieces should not be ignored at all. Following are 10 bedside table styles to vouch for, which can leave a charm on its users.  –

1. Let's Float it

A very elegant bedside table style is to have wall-hung platforms. One can try an array of ideas to carve out the perfect look with the wall-hung or floating bedside tables. The floating platforms can be clubbed with drawers or pockets to keep books, personal belongings etc. This style is perfect who are looking for minimalism and at the same time effective ways to utilize floor space.    

Floated Bed Side Table

2. That’s how we SWING!

Similar to the cantilevered or floating side tables, ceiling hung, swing-inspired tables add an edge to your bedroom space. These are simplistic yet elegant tables to have along one's side. The mere swing like appearance adds a factor of intrigue to anyone who visits the room. The plus is you have the floor space at your disposal. Go ahead, wear that innovative cap, and experiment with this intriguing style of bedside table while designing your bedroom.  

Swing Style Table

3. Be Creative - DIY!

Do it yourself is the best way to utilize the old things and at the same time creating a piece that you love and is unique at the same time. One just needs to be creative and innovative to come up with that perfect idea to create something. For instance, the industrial cans or barrels are available at throwaway prices in frugal shops. Cut them – paint them – be ingenious and create something your unique bedside table. Similarly, one can just stack some hollow concrete blocks to serve as a bedside table. Easy-peasy! ain’t it?   

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DIY Bedside Table style

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4. The Upbeat Vintage Charm

If you are someone who appreciates antiques and arts, then give an upbeat charm of vintage to your bedroom, by finding a nice antiquated accompaniment for your bed. Go in for a bedside to add on to the rustic essence to your room. To adhere to the language, go in for neutral or pastel, runoff shades. The overall look can be enhanced if the side table is embellished with a fine touch of an antique painting. This can be achieved by choosing a good antique print and applying it on the surface of the table by the technique of decoupage. Anyone who sees this would definitely fall in love with this piece in your bedroom.

Vintage Style Bedside Table

5. Pull out Shelf

Pull out shelves is a style of bedside table best suited for bedrooms that are small and have no place for a permanent side table. Create a pullout table in the headboard, adjacent wardrobe or the base of the bed. This style gives you the freedom of choice. You can pull out the platform when required and pushed in when not in use. This is a workable space saving idea. The plus is, you are one furniture piece less and still have the advantage of enjoying a bedside table according to your whims.  

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Pull out Bedside Table style

6. Step Up the Game

Step up the game of bedside table by adding levels to your furniture piece in the form of steps. These chic steps act as shelves for different purposes. These can be inserted with drawers if required. Creating a step does not end your work. Decorate it in a manner that it accentuates the form of the bedside table. Colour it – embellish it – innovate. The style goes with all the design styles and gives you enough room to organize your things at an arm’s length.  

Bedside Table in steps

7. Quirky is all one Needs

This age and time are all about the quirky effect in your spaces. Small but quirky furniture pieces can actually make a huge difference in your space. The market is loaded with ‘out of box’ furniture items. You just need to have a taste and an eye for this style to decorate your bedside. These can be as wild as you like and as sober as possible. It is for you to choose the degree of quirk. Go on, experiment even if you do not have a taste for it, give your bedside an edge and an off-beat character.  

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Bedside Table style

8. Character = Colour

Even if one is not a big fan of design and vogue, the element of color always works for bedroom makeovers. The color of furniture provides the room with a certain character and a nice contrast. The use of colored side tables also points to the fact that the resident is a spontaneous and experimental person. Besides the slightest of color adds life to your room, where you spend most of your happy and sad times. Who knows, the colored bedside table might just be able to smoothen your bad mood. As we know, colors do play with our psyche.  

Colorful Bedside Table

This is just a sneak peek into the world of side tables. The tables, which have grown to be more than mere tables and have become important decorative elements of a bedroom. There is a lot one can do with bedside table design. Be imaginative and create offbeat tables for your bed. The use is not just limited to being a stand for your jukebox. This is that element of the room with which you can experiment. These can range from simple to wild, rustic to sophisticated. Designers are even trying to design tables that have integrated lighting. Be brave enough to embrace the trend and have a nice and sumptuous bedside table to adore by your side.

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