How to Get a Luxurious Bathroom That is Fuss Free

How to Get a Luxurious Bathroom That is Fuss Free

Bathrooms are very intimate yet statement-making spaces. Luxury and fuss-free are two words, which are aptly paradoxical. Bathrooms should be simplistic with the charisma intact. These days, pattern, color, and materials are used in various permutations and combinations to embark on the individuality of the space. It is not an impossible task to achieve a fuss-free luxurious bathroom with the availability of materials and products these days. One needs to be conscious and sensitive while designing the bathroom to give a feel of luxury with the minimum possible hassles. The article discusses a few ideas, which could be used to get a luxurious bathroom, which is fuss free –

Bathroom Tile and Backsplash

The tiles give a refreshing look instantly and moreover forms a major part of the space and help in defining the character of the bathroom in question. With the array of patterns, shades, shapes and natural imitations that are available in the tile segment make it easy for the user to achieve the desired look for the bathroom. If one wishes to experiment with the look, one of the options to go for is a patterned backsplash. The backsplash is behind the sink and therefore is in the fuss-free region itself. This is one element that can be intricate, abstract or geometrical; mosaic or shape arrangement; tile cuttings, glass tiles, tinted glass or mother of pearl. The choice of this blasé focal element completely rests with the inhabitants.

Bathroom Tiles and Backsplashes

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Bathroom Color Palette – Earthy Color Pallete

Luxurious feel in a bathroom can be promptly imbibed by choosing a color for your bathroom from neutral or earthy color pallet. This pallet helps in achieving a sophisticated look quite effortlessly and helps to accentuate all the other elements of one’s bathroom. The neutral shades go very well with bright or pastel highlighters. Go ahead with the earthy look to add a touch of fuss-free elegance to your bathroom space.

Bathroom Color Palette

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Eye-Catching Bathroom Motifs

Go in for motifs or prints that are eye-catching. These motifs could be planned on a particular wall or can be repeated across various elements. One of the ways to portray the motif choice is a full-length looking glass. The choice of motif determines the look to quite an extent. For instance, florals and paisleys automatically fill a space with elegance. Along with the motif, the colors and the location also play an important part. The motif could be as abstract as possible but if the shades are right then the look is bang on. Motifs are a stress-free solution for a luxurious feel to a bathroom.

Bathroom Motifs

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Bathroom Textures and Prints for Focus

Textures come very handily when it comes to creating focal walls. One can go in for natural materials like stone, brick etc. or can go in for impressions using wallpapers, tiles, so on and so forth. In a bathroom, the spaces can be visually demarcated by means of material variation. This is one way where textures and prints can help creating a distinct visual boundary. Other than this the intricate prints with a nice tactile feel can help in achieving a focal wall. For instance, the longest wall adjacent to the bath area can be done up in a nice print, that conforms to the personality of the users. Ain’t it a luxury to have a personalized print right next to your bath area? Go ahead and create your personal bathing niche with this décor idea.

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Bathroom Textures

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Marble In Bathroom Countertops - The Evergreen Marble Texture

Marble has been synonymous with luxury for as far as I can see. Therefore, to give that magical touch to a bathroom, one can wither use marble for the decor, or the marble impression tiles can be opted for. Marble texture is not limited for use as a surficial treatment but can be used for creating a focal or freestanding wall, washbasins, Jacuzzi and other elements. A material that speaks for itself. The mere presence brings an essence of luxury to space. One should be smart enough to refrain from overdoing the usage of marble or its texture. This is easy and fusses free way of adopting a luxurious touch to a bathroom.

Bathroom Counter tops

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Bathroom Glass Partitions over Curtains

Curtains have been used in bathrooms to separate the wet and dry areas. But, curtains are susceptible to unhygienic conditions. Instead of curtains which make space look all filled up, go in for a glass partition. Owing to the transparent nature of the glass, the bathroom space looks light and huge – visually. Moreover, glass is easier to maintain. Glass can be used in its true form or as tinted, frosted, etched, and customized to the user’s choice. Glass in this age is a material that is being equated with sophistication and elegance. One should not hesitate in using the material in their bathrooms to achieve that desired lavish feel.

Bathroom Glass Partitions

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Let the Bathroom Mirror Design do the talking

Mirrors form an essential part of any bathroom. There is a lot that the mirrors can do to space. The length, finish, shape and the type of framing make a lot of difference to space. To transform a bathroom into a lavish one easily, go in for a large mirror with a frame that is either in gold tone or in a nice ornamented frame. The mirror could even span the entire available length and breadth of the wall. The mirror can even act as an art piece or a focal element of your space, thus defining luxury in a bathroom space.

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Bathroom Mirror Design

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A statement out of Bathroom Hardware Sets and Fittings

However, bathroom hardware and fittings form a meager part of the entire bathroom but they can create a huge impact on the users. One can go in for a brass finish or a rose gold finish for handles and other fittings as opposed to the usual stainless steel finish. Today rose gold finish has stormed the market in every aspect.

For the connoisseurs of elegance, one of the options is to add a crystal or crafted ceramic knobs. These also help gather the desired feel just about right. The catch is - the finish and the material used for the hardware fittings matter largely in the absolute look of a space. Be judicious and tasteful while choosing them. One can even opt for a look devoid of hardware fittings.

Bathroom Hardware Sets

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Bathroom Flooring at a Glance

Flooring is an important element of the bathroom space. As the floor is where your attention wanders while easing yourself out. Floors can be done in various patterns of a single module or a pattern which engages the user.

Bathroom Flooring

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The Old School Material - Bathroom Wood Tile

Wood is one material that has been and will always be in vogue. The presence of wood changes the dynamics of the space. Simply add a serrated wooden platform for your sink or vanity and there you have it. The elegance of wood in your bathroom. The use of wood as a flooring material is a sought-after choice, but with the reluctance of using wood in the wet area. Nevertheless, today, one might use just wood textured materials to achieve the look. The textured materials such as the tiles, cement fibreboards, sunmica etc. all offer a hassle-free wooden look to space.

Wooden Bathroom Design

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Bathroom Lighting Essentials

A well-lit space by means of tastefully selected fixtures is a foolproof way to enter the realm of a luxurious feel. Try to use different lights in the bathroom that resonate elegance and are easy to maintain. The fixtures could be used like highlighters and focal elements and space could otherwise be lit by concealed LEDs.

Downlighters, uplighters or wall sconce can be used to highlight a particular wall with a tactile finish to it or having a focal element on it. Lighting adds the desired drama and sophistication to space and at the same time is a hassle-free treatment for the bathrooms.

Bathroom Lighting Design

Photo by Sian Baxter Lighting Design - More bathroom photos

These are but broad ways in which one can achieve a sophisticated and luxurious feel by doing the basics right. Small bathroom designs can also be imparted with a luxurious feel by means of these methods. One thing is certain that the creative juices should start churning in the inception stages itself. These are more of basic modules that need to be selected right to walk on the path of luxury. Try to focus on just a few methods to achieve mind-blowing results for your lavish bathroom.

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