Wonderful Ideas for Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

published On Jan 02 2018

Wonderful Ideas for Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary is the word of our times when it comes to designing a space. Bathrooms can be given a contemporary vibe corresponding to the fad of the current times. The bathroom designs can be as minimalistic or extravagant depending on the requirements of the users. Keep it simple and master the contemporary look, as, bathrooms are a set of spaces that leave you and your guests in aww if done up nicely. Below are a few ideas to get a nice contemporary look for your bathrooms, so go ahead and flaunt those chic masterpieces –:

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Bathroom Natural Light

To get the perfect look, one should try to create room for abundant natural light other than the use of different lights in the bathroom as well. This can be achieved by designing large windows, inclined skylights or putting up a glass brick panel throughout the exposed periphery. Natural light enhances the décor of any space and makes it feel lively and airy. Why not try out adding  Outdoor Bathrooms to feel a refreshing experience. 

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Wood And Concrete Bathroom - The Duo of ‘Wood-Concrete’ Finish

Wood and concrete are two materials which when used in their true form deliver a sense of contemporary instantly. These are materials which have been there for years yet no other material can counter the aesthetics presented by the duo of these materials.   

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Contemporary Bathrooms - The Magic of Straight Lines

The essence of contemporary spaces is in the clean lines with a play of sharp angles. For instance, the basin could be with a pedestal sink. In keeping with the concept, the sanitary ware is available in clean geometrical profiles too. Club an angular basin with a wooden countertop and you are good to go. The key is the simplicity of the entire notion.   

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Contemporary Bathrooms Designs - Enlarge the Visual Space

As the contemporary impression well echoes with less is more, one should be able to create the maximum visual space possible.  This can be achieved by adopting wall hung sinks, vanity and water closets. The wall hung fixtures help in freeing up the floor space. Let it all float to create an impact of lightness and airy space.

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Bathroom Color Pallete

The neutral is the flavor of color for this genre of design. One can vouch for cream, white, beige, tan, grey, black and pastels to make the look a success. These colors enhance and accentuate the lines and geometry of the space, making even a boring space like bathroom look interesting. Mix and match from your color palette to create the charm of neutrality in your bathroom space. Some examples of combinations could be - gray and blue or mint green, cream and pastel pink, beige and gold, etc. One can even go in for an astute use of pop colors in the form of focal elements vis-à-vis accent wall, accessories, furniture, so on and so forth.

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The Bathroom Materials Pallete

The contemporary look is at times synonymous with glossy surfaces, like, steel, lacquer, glass, tiles, plastics etc. The gloss increases the reflectivity of the surfaces thus enhancing the lighting effects. One should use materials in a way that create a nice contrast and depth in the entire space. Try to adorn the surfaces with a glossy and matte finish in a balanced manner. Neither space should be full of reflective surfaces that it gives your eyes a shock, nor should they be matte, which makes the space devoid of drama.  Be a little practice while you shortlist finishes from your palette. 

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The all White Bathroom Designs

The safest go to for the look is to espouse an all-white look. It makes space airy, well lit, clean, organized and neat. The color white encapsulates all the characters of a contemporary space. Throw in a little contrast with the help of material change for select surfaces, to break the monotony. The white space would not only make it a nice contemporary space but also would make it look regal and sophisticated. Choose the perfect combinations to master the look.

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Contrasting Focal Point In A Bathroom

Add a focal point to the room to create interest in the space. The focal point can be in the form of a contrasting vanity, a patterned floor, a nice ornamented mirror as against the unornamented look of the space, etc. Be creative while creating focal points in your space, though small, but it still has many elements to experiment with.

focal point in a bathroom

Flaunt the Industrial Look - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The industrial vibe is in the air these days. People are appreciating the raw industrial look in the interior spaces across varied functions. This encompasses the DIY techniques by putting the old junk to use. The look is primarily translated with the help of Iron members and raw finish of the wood. This is an eye-catching look, which has the best of both contemporary and vintage styles. This look portrays a neat aesthetical space. Go in for this look if you are an aficionado of raw impressions. 

industrial bathroom designs

Break the Monotony with Bathroom Mirrors

However, the contemporary style supports straight and sharp lines, but the monotony can be evaded by installing mirrors of varied geometrical profiles. Even the scale of the mirror used makes a difference, so be judicious while selecting the perfect piece of mirror for your wall.

bathroom mirrors

Elegance of Glass In Bathroom Design

The contemporary look is incomplete if space is devoid of glass elements. Glass cubicles and shutters are used to have an air of elegance in the bathroom. The presence of glass also creates visual lightness in the space owing to the transparency factor. Well, glass is an elegant and sophisticated material, which never fails to make a bathroom space beautiful and suitable for all tastes and styles.

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The Charm of Bathroom Lights

Light fixtures and even candle lights in the bathroom are one of the features of the contemporary style. Lighting helps to accentuate the elements in a very minimalistic format. For instance, the mirrors and the vanity can be accentuated by means of backlighting for the mirror and down lighting for vanities. This helps highlight the element and adds an additional dimension to space. Similarly, one can use wall sconce or downlighters to highlight a specific wall in the bathroom. There is a wide range of fixtures available this day, choose the one for your bathroom wisely such that it harmonizes with the entire space to create the perfect ambiance.

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Contemporary is the word that the literally suggests the application or use of anything that is in vogue. There is a wide range of fixtures, wallpapers, materials, finishes etc. to complete the contemporary look that one is looking for their bathroom. This is just a sneak peek into ideas at large to give a cue to the contemporary world of restrooms. The bathrooms were not considered that important in the yesteryears, but the current generation is more than interested to get a stylized bathroom space. If everything can be designed then why should the bathrooms be left behind? Aesthetics and style are in the minutest of details of a bathroom design. So go ahead and make your perfect ‘contemp’ restroom. The mantra is to keep it simple yet elegant.

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