Beautiful Ways to Design Double Height Living Room

Beautiful Ways to Design Double Height Living Room

Luxury is not just the physical feel, which one gets through the various products, furniture, and other elements; but it can be a visual experience too. Following the same principle of visual luxury, double heights can add an air of luxury to the living room spaces. These are functional and at the same time trendy. The technique has been practiced in all the eras with experimentation and variation. Other than looking nice, it helps in adding another dimension to the entire house. Apart from the dynamism, the double heights make an interesting section of any structure, by adding the play of solids and voids to it. Apart from providing an aesthetic appeal to space, it also helps maintain an ambient microclimate of the space, due to stack effect. These elements have become an element of luxury all thanks to the dearth of space and the small calculated apartment spaces.

Room For High Windows In Living Room

The double height rooms provide extra room for high or double tiered windows, in turn, allowing for more natural light inside the space. The daylight apart from illuminating the space with quintessential lighting also creates a feeling of openness in the space. This technique can be implemented to make an otherwise small living room feel big. Any space, which receives lots of daylight, automatically has an air of luxury to it. The window frame can help add in the drama and theme to space. For instance, the French panels can give a colonial look as opposed to plain glass and metal frame, which imparts a modern or rather an industrial look to space.

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high windows in living room

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Living Room Library Combo - Make Space For A Nice Library

The additional height in the room achieved due to the extended ceiling can be used to accommodate a nice library or bookshelf. A library goes very well with the living space and also marks the taste of the inhabitants. The height and run of the bookshelf could be maneuvered according to the needs of the bibliophile. Similarly, the material and feel can also be altered with respect to the overall theme or penchant of the room. One can go in for a complete wooden bookshelf for the vintage or countryside look with some unusual lighting strategies that work as wonders to accentuate the feel.

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living room library

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Wow Wall – Green Wall

With the increasing want of greenery in the interior spaces and the technological advancements to do so, it is quite a method to utilize the double height of your living space. A lush green breathing wall would definitely add an air of extravagance. In addition, the greenery is always a welcome element in the interior spaces. To avoid the nuisance of the green wall, one can create a glass wall to separate the living area from the green area, thus giving us the best of both the worlds. Even the combination of the brick wall decor with the green wall would be an amazing idea.

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green wall plants

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Fireplace In Living Room - The Charm Of Fireplace

Fireplaces always make a pivotal point in a space. They accentuate a space enormously. To add on to the charm, one can extend the chimney shaft to the full length of the extended height until the ceiling. Moreover, to make the chimney shaft a focal point, add a nice texture to the surface in whacky color schemes to make your space WOW. Voila, you have your statement living room that defines luxury and sophistication as is.

fireplace in living room

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Living Room Lighting Fixtures - Grand Lighting Fixture

Double height living rooms make way for nice pendant lighting fixtures. One can hang overwhelming and sculptural lighting fixtures from the ceiling. The vastness of the space balances out the overwhelming or sculptural size of the lighting fixture, thus creating a nice harmony in the room. The lighting fixture can be an ensemble of varied fixtures or a state of the art piece, which becomes the focal point of the room. The statement lighting fixtures are sure to add an element of awe

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living room lighting fixtures

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Embellish with Nice Living Room Drapes and Curtains

Sheers and colors give a nice sense of play to a living space. Especially, in case of a double height living room, the opportunity doubles. One should play with various draping styles, color palette, combinations to arrive at the rich and luxurious look for a living space. The curtains running along the length of the double height, besides giving a sense of infinite height adds a certain amount of elegance to space. Space apart from being luxurious tends to become a little dreamy and cozy depending on the colors and textures chosen.

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living room drapes and curtains

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Living Room Decorative Items

The double height space gives a chance to play with the surfaces and treat them with various decorative elements. False arches, wrought iron tracery, wooden frames, etc. can be used to embellish and decorate the extended space. One has to be creative to come up with innovative décor ideas for the extended surfaces. The addition of the elements in a balanced form provides a class to the living space. It can further help in defining the color palette and basic theme of the space. These elements instantly help in realizing a luxurious feel in the space.

living room decorative items

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Living Room Ceiling Design - Experiment With Profile

A variation in the profile of the ceiling can tremendously change the dynamics of a space. For instance, a pitched high ceiling makes a room feel cozy and inviting. It has that characteristic of attraction in it. Add the flair of timber members to the ceiling, and there you have it, a classy living room at your disposal. Timber adds to the old world charm to space, making it cozier and intimate. One can try out varied roof profiles such as arched, flat, and tapered. '

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living room ceiling design

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Living Room Art Ideas - Curate The Art

Double height presents the connoisseurs of art with a great opportunity to curate and displays the art they own. Have some nice paintings on display and let the canvases do the talking. It gives an insight into the taste of the inhabitants with respect to art. Art is again a reflection of the artist and the connoisseur of it. It is with utmost care and tastes that one buys an artwork. Be careful of converting your living space into an art museum though.

living room art ideas

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Living Room With Balcony Interior

Double height accommodates for inner balconies or circles. These openings make for perfect transition spaces between the public and private spaces. The inner balconies allow for a more open plan and let the living space breathe. The balconies could follow a decorative language or a modern language according to the taste of the inhabitants. The palaces and forts of the past can draw the inspiration for such spaces. Which had a public or meeting space surrounded by balconies at the next floor level? Balconies adorned with nice drapes speak of luxury and comfort by themselves.

living room with balcony interior

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Double height spaces make for an amazing solution for planning a lavish living room. Even for a small space, one can go in for a double height space to make space appear bigger and luxurious. Luxury is synonymous with the vastness of space these days with the dearth of space. The extended ceilings succeed in creating the illusion of a huge space even in a small space. Besides the illusionary benefits, it gives an opportunity to play with space with respect to materials, textures, light, so on and so forth. Go ahead, take the decision of adopting a double height living room, and live the dream of a luxury in limited means too.

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