Window Covering Dilemma - Blinds vs. Curtain

Window Covering Dilemma - Blinds vs. Curtain

The role that the blinds and the curtains play in any interiors is a known fact, but most of the times when a homeowner plans to get a makeover done choosing between the blind designs and the curtain designs lead to confusion.

Therefore a list stating the differences, the similarities, and the features are pinned down that would go well with the design concepts, to ease out the selection process. Go ahead and explore!

Blinds vs. Curtain # 1: The Aesthetic Value

The first thing that catches the attention of the onlookers is the aesthetic value. And when it comes to curtains for windows, gone are the days when curtains were available in limited colors. As of now curtains with various patterns and textures in different fabric materials are available, which would provide instant elegance and create a calm, relaxing vibe. Moreover, the curtain designs available can suit both traditional and modern interiors. But the colors of the curtains would fade with time and tend to look dated.

Whereas blinds are available in different materials such as veneer blinds, wood blinds, faux wood blinds,  plastic blinds and fabric blinds, therefore, would always remain in trend and can match with any decor style for any room. They exhibit a simple and effortless look and can even make a room look much bigger, as the slats can be easily pulled and stacked all the way up nicely!

Blinds vs Curtain

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Blinds vs. Curtain # 2: The Functions And Advantages

Curtains are good for residential projects as it exhibits an informal aura. It helps to lower the noise level of a room by absorbing sound and even come in a variety of automated closing mechanism.

Whereas blinds are ideal for both offices and homes with contemporary designs and contemporary home decor accessories. The sleek and straight horizontal blinds or vertical blinds not only look trendy but also gives more control over the amount of sunlight entering the room, compared to the curtains. Moreover blinds comes in varieties such as Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, child-friendly blinds and so on, which can also be motorized to ensure easy lifting.

Here we share a beautiful example of Refreshing Summer Drapery Ideas For Your Home

Blinds Or Curtain

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Blinds vs. Curtain # 3: The Add-On Energy Efficiency Features

Curtains block the harsh sunlight from coming in but there are even energy efficient curtains, which basically has a lining attached to the back. The lining consists of a spongy material that is heavy and blocks the sun in summer or keeps heat from escaping in the winter. These are also available separately and can be hanged on a curtain rod mounted close to the window.

While blinds do have a few more add-on features. For instance, the honeycomb blinds offer the best insulation properties, the louvered blinds allow one to control the amount of light that comes in while it also provides adequate privacy, the sunscreen roller blinds provide UV protection and daytime privacy and so on. Hence, one could choose as per their personal requirement.

Blinds  Curtain Or Both

Blinds vs. Curtain # 4: The Cleaning Procedure

The major task that revolves around curtains, is the cleaning process. Cleaning the curtains on a weekly basis with light vacuum will only help in removing the dust build up hence, washing it on a regular basis is necessary, as by the time dirt appears it might have permanently discolored.

Whereas cleaning blinds are comparatively easier! As a simple wipe down would be enough to easily remove dust or stains.

The conclusion is, be it blinds or curtains, they definitely could uplift the look and feel of the room instantly as both works to provide privacy, filter the breeze and the sunlight as well provide a beautiful frame to view the outside. Hence, choose accordingly that goes well with the overall interior design concept, as the look and feel that each offer is quite different!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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