Under- Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

Under- Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

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The kitchen is that part of a home where one spends quite a lot of time hence, the kitchen designs have evolved to match the lifestyle of any home dweller. Though the space management, workflow along with cabinets and the countertops plays the major role in kitchens, drifting attention to the minute details such as the lightings, especially the under-cabinet kitchen lights is essential!

These under-cabinet unique kitchen lighting has become more popular and is considered as a great addition for kitchens as it not just illuminates and creates a great ambiance but also allow the light to focus onto the countertop, which is the actual ‘’workstation’’ in a kitchen.

The Add-on Perks Of Installing Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

●    The under-cabinet lighting complements the main overhead lighting.

●    It is useful to highlight the backsplash.

●    Shadows form on the workstation due to wall cabinets hence, placing light under the cabinets would eliminate these shadows.

●    Increases the overall aesthetic value of the kitchen.

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Under- Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Under Cabinet Lighting Options

●     Under Cabinet LED Lighting - Strip Lights (Distributed illumination) And Puck Lights (Lighting on focused area)

●     Fluorescent Lighting

●     Xenon Lighting

●     Halogen Lighting

 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The Under Cabinet LED Lighting - Strip Lights (Distributed illumination) And Puck Lights (Lighting on focused area)

●     LED Lighting is one of the most popular types of under cabinet lighting as it has a long life.

●     Is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

●     Has low heat output

●     Is dimmable and easy to install.

●     LED lamps have an incredibly long lifespan.

●     LEDs are not made from fragile materials like glass, therefore can withstand a lot more than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs can.

●     But expensive when compared with the rest of the types of lighting.

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Under- Cabinet Lighting Ideas

The Fluorescent Undercabinet Lighting

●     Fluorescent Lighting is also energy efficient.

●     Has a long life.

●     Though dimmable option is available in only some types, therefore, check the label before buying.

●     Moreover, these lights contain mercury, which can be hazardous when exposed.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting

Xenon Lighting has a bright and warm light and can be considered as a good choice for those who are looking for additional lighting for the kitchen workstation.

●     Like LEDs and fluorescent lights, xenon under cabinet lighting available both in linear or puck form.

●     It has a high performing color rendering and are dimmable but burns hotter.

●     Is less energy efficient when compared to both fluorescent or LED lighting?

Under- Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

The Halogen Undercabinet Lighting

●     Halogen Lighting is similar to xenon, as it is quite bright with vivid color. Which makes it a favorite of those homeowners who are looking for bright and warm lighting.

●     Both xenon and halogen lights are incandescent, but it is better than traditional incandescent in terms of energy savings and heat output.

●     Burns hotter and has a short lifespan than xenon, LED or fluorescent bulbs. Therefore keep heat-sensitive foods away from the light.

Tips: Installing linear under cabinet lights are recommended because they provide uniformity, well-distributed light for the entire countertop and eliminate shadows. However, under cabinet puck lights works well to create pools of light in more focused areas. Either type of light works fine and is just a matter of preference.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Features That Needs To Be Considered While Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

●     Voltage

●     Wiring

●     Dimming Capability

●     Fixture Lenses to reduce glare (if required).

●     Energy Efficiency

●     Heat Output

●     Ease Of Installation

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting Tips And Tricks To Beautify The Kitchen

●    https://www.planndesign.com/articles/2771-unusual-kitchen-counter-tops-ideas-will-blow-your-mind Countertops like the marble or granite have a shiny surface, therefore, make sure to install a diffused light source to avoid reflected glare. A light channel is a better option than a bare LED strip under cabinet lighting facing down, in such cases.

●     If the countertop surface is matte, LED Pucks or Dots can be used for kitchen under-cabinet lighting.

●     It is advised to break the kitchen up into the individual task areas that need light like the cabinets, countertops, pathways, drawers and the sink. Focus on each area to provide the right illumination.

●     Play with different levels of brightness.

●     Pay attention to the lighting over the kitchen sink. Placing one or two spots or a recessed over the center of the sink as it will work as wonders.

●     Use accent lighting to draw attention to other points of interest in the kitchen, such as an artwork. Make sure that the accent illumination is at least three times brighter than the surrounding light in the room in order to draw the eye to the particular feature.

●     For DIY installation consider LED strips and ropes as puck lights can be a bit more challenging.

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 Kitchen Lights
Photo by Pacific Rim Cabinets - Search kitchen pictures

The kitchen is considered as the soul of the home and if planned out well,  any ordinary kitchen can be remodeled and converted from ‘’only cooking’’ zone to an interesting nook, where one could eat, drink, work or at least converse with ease. Go ahead, adorn the kitchen with the right space management and lights, and you will be all set to gather with friends and family over dinner parties in style!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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