Refreshing Summer Drapery Ideas For Your Home

Refreshing Summer Drapery Ideas For Your Home

The small budget home interior transition should usually be planned out with keeping the seasons in the mind. Following this makeover regime will let one to spruce up the home several times within a year, as well as enable one to enjoy the exceptional vibe of each season!

4 Effortless Ways To Adorn Homes With  Elegant Draperies-:

The consistent makeover, season after season doesn’t have to be an expensive affair since there are several affordable ways to showcase the season’s energy. Therefore, I am listing out a few effortless ways, and this time with elegant draperies to give the home an instant boost.

However, these ideas being pinned out will only suit those homes which are basically painted overall with light pastels. And homes with bold, dark shade needs more intense planning and concept board needs to be prepared before the execution, to avoid any sort of interior disaster.

1. The Bright And The Lacy Summer White Drapery

The motto here is to achieve a relaxed mood by following the beautiful color trends of summer 2018. And what can be better than an ‘’all-white’’ color palette which is crisp and clean!

White transparent lace draperies look elegant and keep the breeze flowing, though it is equally important to pay attention to the logical side of the design. Hence, the transparent drapery fabric should be teamed along with the white non-see-through curtains that are light yet provides the required coverage to obstruct the sun’s glare. This combination of translucent draperies with the white silk draperies not just exhibits an airy feel, but can also make one's favorite nook look even more comfortable all summer long.

white drapery fabric

2. The Color Pop Draperies And Window Coverings

The pale summer hues when combined with whites or grays, helps in breaking the monotonous look as well as give the space an instant uplift. The aim here is to add colors that bring positivity to achieve a playful mood that’s cool and calm as well as flowy and exquisite at the same time!

Since the pastel hues are basically soothing and create an illusion of softness when blended along with the pale summer colors such as the sky blue, tropical green, rose pink and the lime yellow can transform any room within minutes.

colorful window curtains

3. The Shimmer Window Covering Ideas - Bring On The Bling!

Moreover, pastels or the blend of both pastels and the summer hues with gold or bronze creates a beautiful contrast as well as adds a dash of shimmer to the interior space. Team it along with stunning chandeliers that can make a huge difference, to give the living room, luxurious golden touch

window covering ideas

4. The Window Scarf - Bring The Nature Right In

Try bringing in draperies which connect to nature as in floral prints, leaves, bamboo prints and so on, as it can make a home feel more welcoming. These pop of pattern gives the room a vibrant look and can go a long way as the splash of color exhibits sophistication, and is a must-have accessory for a perfect summer home makeover. Such patterns in tones of orange, blue, green, and yellow with a crisp white background helps the colors pop and liven up the look.

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window scarf ideas

Since the idea being projected here is about the transition of design season after season, it is practically not possible to hire an interior designer each time. Therefore, trying out the method of focusing just on the home accessories and accents will stop one from spending bucks unnecessarily.

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