Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

published On Nov 16 2017

Interior design is all about practically utilizing and beautifying the spaces to create unique focal points to gaze on! From the ceiling to walls and all the way down to the floors, designers know what point exactly needs to be focused on, in each project. And when it comes to kitchen design, one of the focal points could be the kitchen splashback.

A splashback not only enhances the overall look of the kitchen but is also extremely functional at the same time. As it provides a shield to protect the kitchen walls from oil, food splatters and any other mess that can occur in the kitchen when food is being prepared or dishes are being washed. And with unlimited kitchen backsplash options, for instance, from something refined to funky or neutral to loud, one could easily choose and spruce up the kitchen wall in style, to ultimately turn that backsplash into a focal point.

Tiling, Backsplash, And Upstands - Know The Difference

Tiles are most commonly being used for ages as a backsplash and are still heading strong. Especially in apartments and flats, the wall tiles are part of the builder’s package and most of the times the designer's role starts at a later stage. In such cases, it is recommended to work on the cabinets, use colors that blend and synchronize it with the wall tiles and the surroundings to create a spectacular look.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

But when it comes to the modular kitchen, one gets the liberty to play around with the blank background. From space planning to positioning of the working triangle, each and everything can be set as per the homeowner’s need. In such design concepts, an upstand is very useful, as it is intended to sit at the rear of the kitchen worktops to hide the gap between the worktop and the adjacent wall to get a well-finished look. It forms a border above the work surface and often runs along its entire length as shown in the image below.

No matter whether one decides to use tiles or opt for other material, just make sure that the cabinets, tiles or the splashback coordinate well with the upstand.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Whereas splashbacks are much higher but are confined to the hob or the sink areas. It protects the wall behind it from moisture, grease, oil, food splatters, and other mess.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

If the question arises in mind that which one would be right for you!? Well, that would completely depend on the look and the budget you prefer. Just make sure whatever material you choose to spruce up the wall space between the countertop and the top cabinets, it should showcase the color scheme and theme of the entire kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional.

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Checklist - Things To Consider While Choosing A Backsplash

●     Budget

●     Aesthetics

●     Maintenance

Choose backsplash that not just fits the budget but also suits the overall kitchen design. And in case if tiles or extruded designs are being chosen, make sure to maintain the look of the kitchen by not allowing dirt to built up in between the grout or the designs.

Tips: Opt for splashbacks with smooth, plain surfaces as it can be wiped down very easily.

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Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Different Kitchen Backsplash Materials

Glass Backsplash

●     Hard wearing

●     Easy to clean

●     Easy to install

Suits contemporary kitchens, modern kitchens and minimalist kitchen design style.

And won’t match with the traditional kitchen style.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Granite Backsplash

●     Available in both matte and glossy finish.

●     Easy to clean

●     Durable

●     Is Expensive

●     Need maintenance

●     Requires regular sealing

Looks good in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Marble Backsplash

●     Exhibits luxurious look.

●     Is Expensive

●     Need maintenance

●     Regular sealing required

For a high-end look, opt for the marble backsplash!

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Stainless Steel Backsplash

●     Comparatively inexpensive

●     Durable

●     Easy to clean

●     Candent

●     Less scratch resistant

●     Watermarks and fingerprints can be easily visible.

Best for industrial styled kitchen designs.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Porcelain And Ceramic Backsplash

●     Available in various colors, patterns, textures, and sizes

●     Durable

●     Resistant to scratching

●     Broken tiles can be replaced easily

●     Difficult to clean as dirt can built up in between the groups.

Suits various kitchen design styles as it can mimic even the natural materials such as the stone and the wood!

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

Stone Backsplash

●     Quite expensive

●     Requires regular sealing

●     Durable

●     Low maintenance

Exhibits high-quality look and suits the best in rustic kitchen design style.

Aluminium Composite Panels backsplash

●     Quick and easy to install.

●     Light in weight

●     Available in various colors

●     Has a glass effect coat

Suits contemporary design style.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

The Splashback Styling Tips

●     A big NO to strong patterns in a small kitchen! It will just make the small spaces look even smaller.

●     Play with patterns, but restrict yourself from overdoing it. For instance, blend a  strong pattern with neutrals by going bold for the area behind the hob or the sink, and opt to tile the rest of the space with something neutral.

●     Patterned backsplash with a patterned floor? Bad idea! It is better to use patterned tiles with a plain floor, or vice versa.

Kitchen Splashback- A Guide From Expert

With all these information one could know that splashbacks were traditionally made of tiles, but today the options are endless. Therefore, some prefer to tile the splashback area, while others like to mix and match tiles with upstands to get a completely unique look! As the function of a kitchen splashback is quite basic, whatever method one chooses, the right choice of the material and the way it is being installed can actually enhance the kitchen’s appearance immeasurably and make a real style statement. Therefore, choose well!

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