9 Magnificent Master Bathroom to Pamper Yourself

9 Magnificent Master Bathroom to Pamper Yourself


Updated on 2018-11-24

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We often see the bathroom as a place to freshen ourselves, have a bath and get ready in the morning before work or cleanse ourselves before sleeping at night. One cannot begin to think that these activities mark the most necessary and auspicious moments of the day. So why not pamper yourself a bit and soak in the giant bathtub of bubble bath once in a while. Sounds relaxing right? Here are some magnificent unique Master bathrooms you could take a hint from. 

Zen Bathroom Decor - The Zen Den

The Zen designed bathroom is basically the spiritual center. It caters to simplicity and brings in relaxation to the soul. White is the color of choice and subtlety is the technique for creation. It infuses the nature within itself so plants such as bamboos are an important part. Zen bathrooms typically host pebble layouts and niches with cozy lighting that give it the spiritual character. Stone statues, candles, and aromatherapy are other aspects to it. These  Affordable Ways to Turn your Bathroom Into a Spa would just liven up your bathroom space instantly.

zen bathrooms

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Rustic Chic Master Bathrooms

Rustic bathrooms transport you to the rural ambiance. A bit of this and that from nature combined together can create a rather appealing bathroom. We see a lot of natural stone and woodwork in rustic bathrooms along with dark stained pined cabinets or a stone bathtub matching with the stunning vanities. The flooring is typically made of wood or terracotta whereas the fixtures are camouflaged to give it a natural effect. It portrays the raw vibe and can bring you closer to nature.

Rustic Chic Bathrooms

Old World Charm Bathroom

Mimicking the look of the olden days, these bathrooms are perfect to feel the old world charm. Serenading contrast between colors and ancient looking light fixtures give it the desired feel. Wainscoting or paneling on the walls depicts the medieval English design. Window casings give it the perfect grand feeling. Antique bath spouts, heavy ornamented mirrors, porcelain floors and a traditional bathtub can sure invoke a sense of tranquillity to your bathing experience.

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old world charm bathrooms

Glamorous Bathrooms - The Glamourous Quotient

When traditional design ideas are combined with contemporary the glamorous quotient is born. It still has its old-world luxury infused with a modern face. Metallic colors or light colors that dignify luxury are used. It depicts the Italian or Victorian styles of design. Aided by chandeliers, long mirrors, and a freestanding bathtub these bathrooms feel more like a room in itself. Typically a seating such as a chaise or ottoman style chairs is preferred as a luxury component in the luxurious bathrooms

glamorous bathrooms

Contemporary Bathroom Designs

A contemporary bathroom is characterized by clean lines, flowing curves, geometric patterns and modern technology. Marble floors or vitrified tile floors are common. It remarks the use of neutral colors, sleek cabinets and bath fixtures. The design features are more parametric than traditional. It shows the usage of a lot of engineered stone and glass. Technologies such as water meters and sensors bring in the modern touch. Basically contemporary bathrooms are zero effort and full relaxation.

contemporary bathroom designs

Outdoor Bathrooms -  Natural Boundary

What better way to enjoy a relaxing shower with the views of nature barging in. These bathrooms are not completely outdoors but they blend in with nature having its distinctive boundary. A bathing area opening to a courtyard or to the garden is a great idea to stimulate one's bathing experience in the presence of nature. Defined by a glass wall, such bathrooms are transparent and have a natural outlook. Plants, stone pebbles, glass accents all bring it close to nature. It also has the benefit of the sumptuous amount of natural light making it a glorious experience.  

Outdoor bathrooms

Open Bathroom - View of the Ocean

Watching the tides go up and down is one of the most relaxing things ever and when added to the bathing experience it just becomes perfect. A master bathroom with the view of the ocean is a great way to spend a day drawn away from work and responsibilities. The ocean side is basically chosen as the opening and the view is framed to draw focus to it. The decor is kept minimal and light colors are used to emphasize the view out of the glass wall. That in itself forms the striking factor of the bathroom.

open bathroom design

Bathroom Designing - Fashion Foot Forward

What better way to bring out the artist in you by indulging in an artsy bathroom. Perfect for fashionable people who like to stand out from the rest. Incorporating fashion into bathing experience can make your experience much more stylish. Art nouveau styled bathrooms with a huge amount of ornamentation is a common luxurious bathroom idea. A subtle color combination like beige, pale turquoise or sea green glams up the quotient. The floors are generally patterned as are the walls. Paintings add up to the theme while bronze statues and scone lights further add to the feel. Standout fixtures such as metallic designed bath spouts unify the whole concept. All the elements together give an epic texture to the bathroom and make it a treat to the eye while you a bath.

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bathroom designing

Turkish Bathroom

What better way to spend a relaxing day than a Turkish bath! Well, you need not go all the way to Turkey but indulge in a Turkish themed bathroom. A Hammam styled bathroom could include a traditional Jacuzzi or could even consist of a steam room. The design is typically inspired by the Islamic arches and Byzantine elements of design. The spa-like feel with the accentuation of mirrors, perfume bottles, gilded soap boxes, henna bowls and Turkish towels make it an experience you'd want to make a routine.

turkish bathroom design

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