7 Kitchen Light Fixtures that create a Style Statement

published On Nov 06 2017

Kitchen Light Fixtures that create a Style Statement

Illumination is one of the most important and overlooked aspect of interior design. It has the ability to alter the dynamics of a space with respect to its depth and visual appearance. When designing a kitchen, it is also one of the most underused features as most clients think it is unnecessary to invest in light fixtures for a kitchen. Now, wait. The kitchen is the soul of your home. It is where the homemaker spends most of their time. So doesn't it deserve to feel alive and vibrant? Enlisted are six kitchen light fixtures that shall change your outlook towards kitchen illumination.


Now we do not want our kitchen to be flooded with light. It should have a cozy approach, something that instigates your love for cooking and at the same time not dim your energy. Downlights are warm and effective in creating a soft tone. Do be sure that downlights do not act as task lights to sparkle your kitchen.They just set an ambiance to the kitchen. Placement is a necessary factor for downlights to prevent unwanted shadows. 

Kitchen Down Lights - Light Fixtures

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With having gained more popularity over the recent years, it adds a bit of drama and makes the kitchen a more functional space. They act as perfect task lighting over the kitchen countertop and makes the work much easier. In fact, it even adds up to a good reading aid for one's cookbook experiments. So next time you need to make a salad or roll your dough think of adding these undercabinet lighting to your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

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Pendant lights are perfect for kitchen islands or bar counters. In fact, they are one of the most versatile fixtures. They can serve as task lighting or mood lighting in addition to visually enhancing the kitchen. They come in various shapes, sizes and decorative styles which can be chosen in accordance with the position they are hung. Sometimes pendants are in itself the center of focus. Their design ranges from being vintage, industrial, glass, reflective to many more.

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Kitchen Pendant Lighting


Track lighting is one of the most flexible categories of lighting. As a matter of fact, that they can be placed anywhere to direct light exactly where you need. They have multiple fixtures allowing one to direct and focus the light as per need. Tracks can be installed in any shaped configurations making it customizable and easy to rearrange. Big bulky track lighting is a thing of the past, now it is available to make style statements. Metal finished fixtures or spotlight styled lamps are great examples.

Kitchen Track Lighting


These are light fixtures which are mounted right up against the ceiling. They come in various shapes although the most common being circular. This category of light fixture easily blends with any kind of decor as they are quite minimalistic, although designer fixtures are also available. It is especially great for the kitchen as it creates enough light within a limited space.

Kitchen Flush Mount Lighting


Not the typical kitchen light fixture, but chandeliers are gaining much popularity in big kitchen and dining areas. Contrary to small apartment kitchens, if you have a huge kitchen and dining area at your home, chandeliers are the perfect center of attraction. They bring in a sense of drama and elegance over the eat-in kitchen counter or the kitchen island. It also creates a layer of lighting in the kitchen as it is not the primary source of illumination but adds to the ambiance of the space.

Kitchen Chandeliers

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The thing about sconce fixtures is that they are not necessarily needed for illumination. They are the accessories. They come in various designs from sleek to vintage to rustic that can add a lot of oomph the kitchen. But it is necessary to find the correct position for them. Kitchen sconces can be great and logical over the sink area for example. They can also be mounted on empty walls where there are no cabinets. 

Kitchen Scones

So think about it again. All these illumination factors for a kitchen may change your perspective of a kitchen design. You'll surely see the need for correctly illuminating and creating a style statement in your kitchen using these light fixtures as a breakthrough.

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