Let’s Design your own Bedroom yourself

published On Nov 06 2017

Design your own Bedroom yourself

You finally got that swanky apartment you always wanted, it’s close to work, close to the gym and has the best restaurants in town. Sitting in the empty unfurnished apartment, sipping on a cup of coffee, you wonder how you are going to afford the ‘in’ look you had always wanted. Sure, the apartment cost you a bomb, but will the interior design cost you the same? Probably not. A good design essentially has the following characteristics: It speaks volumes about you as a person, it has one focal point and a few supporting details, there is a sense of harmony in the design and it is highly functional. A few good investments and a lot of tricks will let you have the home of your dreams!

Design your own Bedroom yourself

The bedroom can be one of the trickiest parts of the house to design. Why? Because your bedroom is where you can be yourself. It is the only room in your house where you start and end your day. A well-designed bedroom can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, habits and who you become.  As Rob Zombie said ‘I’d always want to decorate my bedroom. I need visuals and to be stimulated by things. I’m still like that. It’s the way I see the world.’

The Bed

The focus of a bedroom is always the bed. As simple as the choice may seem, the design of the bed can have a raging impact on the entire look of your bedroom. For example, a Victorian bed will render an antique, royal look while modern minimalistic beds will allow the focus to shift more towards the headboard and the bedding, both of which are equally important in completing the look of the bed. Sleek, smooth edges ensure that the headboard remains for experimentation. Remember, the design of a bedroom revolves around the bed, so it is important that the bed is comfortable and sturdy as well. The design elements of the bed are in turn repeated in various ways around the room.

Design your own Bedroom yourself

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The Mirror

The mirror occupies a very important part of the bedroom. If strategically placed, it can enhance the look of the bedroom by making it look larger and brighter. Ideally, mirrors should be placed around four to five feet above the floor. This placement will ensure the full reflection of the person looking into the mirror. Placing it opposite a window will reflect the landscape outside your window and enhances natural lighting in the room.

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Design your own Bedroom yourself

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The Rug

The make-it-or-break-it rule of the bedroom, invest in a good rug! Today you have a plethora of rugs to choose from, be it on the basis of the design such as Persian, Oriental, Chinese or based on the method of manufacture such as hand-made or machine-made. The right choice of a rug can transform your bedroom and become a part of the focal point. Choose hard textures such as woolen or knotted to give a rustic look to your room, alternatively you can choose velour if you want to keep a smooth and royal look or even plush.

Design your own Bedroom yourself

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Artwork and Sculptures 

This being a very individualistic decision can jazz up the bedroom and give it that X-factor. A lot of people invest in designer items or antiques but equally amazing things can be found at much more reasonable prices. While pictures are the most commonly used items to decorate walls, sculptures, statues, showpieces, virtually any object can be used as an element of design. Whether you are an Art enthusiast or not, this will definitely up the ante of your bedroom.

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Design your own Bedroom yourself


Lighting can help your bedroom evolve from a slumber area to a multi-functional space. Using a variety of lighting in different forms, type of illumination and positions will help your bedroom look perfect. Moreover, having different types of lighting sets the mood depending on how you feel and can render completely different looks of the same room. Ceiling lights, task lights, reading lamps, wardrobe lighting and decorative lights can all be used together to create an array of ambiance. However, the most important factor of lighting remains natural lighting that can be enhanced by using light shades of paint in the room.

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Design your own Bedroom yourself

So there it is, now anyone can turn their bedroom into a fabulous space. If one can focus on these factors, their bedroom will never look boring and can also simultaneously bring maximum comfort and a sense of style. A few good investments and some wise choices later, you can have the bedroom of your dreams!

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And an example of a Bedroom Decor video uploaded to our Youtube channel

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