8 Affordable Ways to Turn your Bathroom Into a Spa

published On Oct 12 2017

8 Affordable Ways to Give your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

All we would prefer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience after a long day at work. The stress gets to us and coming home to something luxuriating would just be the best way towards the end of the day. You would want to set yourself up in a soothing ambiance and take some time for self-indulgence and delight.

Here is a list of affordable ways you can turn your bathroom into a spa and rejuvenating experience:

1. The Bathroom Lights

Let the lights soothe your eyes and mind. You should install different lights in the bathroom such as the Dim lights and soft lights for the times you want to relax and enjoy your bath and time in the bathroom. Low lighting would keep you calm and your mind de-stressed, hence giving you an absolutely serene vibe.

bathroom lights

2. Scented Bathroom Accessories

Let the affordability take over your bathroom spa treatment by placing a few scented candles or dry scented flower petals to make your bathroom smell like wonder. These little-scented details would enlighten your mood and give you a tranquil experience.

bathroom accessories

3. The Bathroom Walls

You must choose from lighter and pastel color themes for your wall. Whether the bathroom wall cladded with tiles or painted, the colors should not be loud and must be lighter shades. Check out the tips to add color to your bathroom before deciding with colors The sight and vision that you have, do a lot to your mood and mind. So let your vision be something that eases your mind and is serene to your eyes. Even the soothing patterned dado on the walls would make your bathroom fancy and relax at the same time.

Bathroom design ideas

4. Bathroom Music

Setting up the perfect light music and some instrumental tones would take you into the de-stressed peaceful world. There isn’t any spa experience that would be complete without soothing music to take you out of your worries and stress.

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bathroom decor

5. Role of Nature In Bathroom Designing

You can style your bathroom with natural elements and accessories to make your bathroom a peaceful and quiet experience. Let the greens soothe your body and the small stones and pebbles and the extra essence of your bathroom. You can add different planters and place a few small pebbles over a section of your floor and make the interesting amalgamation of your bathroom with the goodness of nature. You may also try out creating  Amazing Outdoor Bathrooms if you are a nature lover.

bathroom designing

6. The  Bathtub

A bathtub is a must when it is all about turning your bathroom into a spa. Let the warm water fill your bathtub and the ease your muscles when you dip in. You can add salt or some essential scented body and bath body washes to let your muscles breathe through.

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bathtub designs

7. Bathroom Storages - Stock up well

Keep the storages in your bathroom well organized with stocked up your shelves and cabinets with towels and robes. You can go for Towel Warmers to let your body ooze with the hot towel experience after the bath. You can install the Towel- warming drawers to keep your towels warm and dry.

bathroom storages

8. Bathroom Design Detailing

Let the little details and bathroom décor accessories add to the SPA experience of your bathroom. You can place soft rugs on the floor; place bath and body wash toiletries to complete your SPA experience. You can also place a small table next to the tub for keeping and setting up your bath essentials.

bathroom design

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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