8 Ideas to Decorate a Small Kitchen with Big Style 

published On Oct 12 2017

8 Ideas to Decorate a Small Kitchen with Big Style 

Big is just a word and is not always necessary when you can deck up your smaller spaces into wonders. Ever wondered how the life of your house, the kitchen can just be as interesting and attractive as the rest of your house spaces and the interiors. There is a variety of ideas and styling tips that can turn your small kitchen into a captivating ambiance.

Here is a list of some stunning decorating ideas for your small kitchen

1. Let the storage do the talking

Stock up your appliances and utensils on racks or hang them on the wall to make your kitchen space lively. This might sound a little cliché but style your kitchen by placing the items in the cupboards, shelves, and walls would aggravate the space. You might even go with hanging and suspend utensils from the ceiling over the countertops.

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2. Let it Reflect

Incorporate more reflective surfaces with glossy and glistening finishes on the storages, cabinets and counters. Let the stainless steel utensils and appliances shine and gleam your kitchen space. The finishes will make your little kitchen space even more welcoming and attractive.

3. Color Pop

Add vibrancy to your kitchen with color combination or solid block colors. The colorful walls, furniture or the kitchen accessories can make your kitchen quirky and flamboyant. The vibrant and loud colors will make that particular part of your kitchen stand out and make a dull color themed kitchen an impressive one.

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4. Skylight

A captivating skylight can be designed in your kitchen to make space lit up and bright. The small kitchen space in itself would speak beauty and dazzle. Whether it is the morning hues or the dark starry sky, the well-lit kitchen would always keep your mood set and light.

5. Vintage Twist

Go back in time and play your creative card. You can design and decorate your kitchen with a Vintage themed interior. Big hanging ceiling lights with choice of colors being shades of browns, polished- decorative furniture and textured walls.

6. Accessories

Let the decorative accessories and styling add-ons make your kitchen a big style statement. You can place chalkboards, planters, terrariums, baskets and other interesting decorative items making your kitchen an experience when one enters.

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7. Combinations of Materials

You can play with different kinds of materials altogether and combine them to get an outstanding output. This might sound a little messy but combinations of material would enhance the space and its interior set up.

8. A little seating

You can extend your kitchen counters and add bar stools or chairs for a little seating in the kitchen. Make it a sociable and a small comfortable dining set up for an extravagant look in your kitchen.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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