How to choose Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets?

published On Oct 11 2017

How to choose Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a number of material with which you can make your kitchen storages and kitchen cabinets stand out. The endless material variety leaves us in a loophole of which material is better than the other. There are different finishes and surfaces available and all have their respective pros and cons. If you are thinking of kitchen renovation or planning to design a whole new kitchen space, take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the different materials. Here is a list of materials to choose from for the kitchen cabinets.


The lacquered glass is a material that is colored and opaque in its appearance and is produced by adding a layer of lacquer on one side of the glass. It can be natural or synthetic and is applied as a protective coating over the materials.

Lacquered Glass Kitchen
  • Strengths- Lacquered glass has a variety of colors and makes your kitchen lively and bright. It is easy to clean and maintain. It has a durable and flawless finish, also resistant to humidity.

  • Weaknesses- If proper precautions are not taken during the application of lacquer, it might result in a fisheye. It happens when during the application, the contaminants in lacquer or glass can cause a defect which looks like the eye of the fish. Proper clean equipment should be used.


Laminates are man-made and are thin replicated sheets which are made to look like wood. These come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. They are thin sheets that act as an overlay to a baseboard. These sheets come in finishes like glossy, matt, textured and patterned.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets
  • Strengths- Laminates are compressed sheets with a variety of finishes. It is a pocket-friendly material and affordable than veneer and solid wood. They resist scratches, stains and therefore become more durable than solid wood and veneer. Laminates are best for damp areas like kitchen and countertops since they resist moisture and heat.

  • Weaknesses- Laminates are a nonrecyclable and toxic emitting material. If not installed properly, laminates are prone to chipping off from the edges and often get worn out because they get peeled off. The texture also tends to fade away and so does the look, making it look dull and worn out.


Veneers are thinly sliced sheets of real wood that are pasted on a thicker base for use. These sheet scans are polished and colored depending on the theme and interior of the space to bring out the quality and enhance the natural beauty of this material.

Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets
  • Strengths- Veneers are economical and affordable as compared to the solid wood since a number of thin sheets of veneer can be obtained from one wood log. It is an eco-friendly material that does not emit any toxins. Just like solid wood they can be polished and strained to bring out different colors according to your desire.

  • Weaknesses- Veneer cannot resist scratches and warping. They need regular polishing as well if not taken proper care of.   

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Duco finish on the cabinets gives the base an opaque layer of paint. It is sprayed on the base and gives a lustrous and quality finish when properly done.

Duco Paint On Kitchen Cabinets
  • Strengths- Duco gives a shine, smooth and hard finish after the application. It dries fast and has excellent water-resistant properties.

  • Weaknesses- It requires proper preparation before application because DUCO is sensitive to the temperature and any difference in the temperature can alter the finish.

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