When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

published On Oct 11 2017

When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

Ever wonder how your bedroom gets that extra oomph from? Look around and you might find some attractive features, accessories and other decorative items that make your room complete and give you a celebrity experience. We would tell you how furnishing makes your room stand out and give a whole new look to your bedroom.

Drape – it!

The drapes and curtains add volume and complete your bedrooms. They are a dressing to your windows and a give a surprising experience to the scenic beauty outside. You can choose from different types of curtains and their materials like velvet, sheer, silk, lace, cotton, linen or cotton. You can set up a combination of sheer or lace curtains with the block colored material drapes.

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When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

Carpets and Rugs

The carpets make your flooring even more attractive with their vibrant colors or even when they flash out the simple block colors. From patterned to knit, faux fur and many other differently colored rugs can sweep your heart away, changing the entire look of your bedroom. The rugs and carpets can be of varied sizes and can be placed at different places on the floor like in front of the bed, below the chairs, tables or sofas or below storages and TV units.

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When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom


Placing cushions and pillows add a whole new essence to your bedroom space. These little furnishing accessories deck up to the look of the furniture and give your room a style edge. The extra cushions added either on the sofa, sofa chair or bed makes the room comfy in its own way.

Here we share some DIY tips to Design Your Own Cushions -- Make a Statement

When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

Bed Furnishings

It is surprising how Bed furnishing like Bed sheets, bed covers, linens, pillow covers and duvets can add up to the grace of your bedroom. These furnishings are perfect to highlight your room either making themselves stand in contrast to the room interior or in sync with the color schemes of your bedroom. You can choose textured, printed, block vibrant colors or just the simple and evergreen shades of bed furnishing from the endless variety offered to you in the market. If you wish to go for something different then you should play in contrast with the colors and prints otherwise the elegance of the whites and blacks always wins our hearts.

When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

Upholstered beds and fabric cladded walls

One of the most loved and beautiful ways of treating your bedroom is a fabric cladded feature wall or upholstered added bed. Fabrics on the wall behind the bed or backrest of the bed add royalty to the bedroom. The fabric paneling on the wall makes the wall as well as the furniture placed in front of it. The essence of the room can be explored through designs where fabrics can be used as wall paneling and bed upholstery.

When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

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