7 Things to Know Before Installing a Modular Kitchen

published On Oct 04 2017

installing a modular kitchen

We have all given up on the ideas of the regular designing of the kitchen spaces. Since the technology and modern ways of living in the smaller restricted spaces and areas kicked in, so did the idea of space management followed. The modular kitchen comprises of multiple units including floor units, overhead cabinets and other storages.

Here is a list of things you should know before installing a modular kitchen-:

Materials and Finishes to be used

The choice of the type of storages and a wide variety of the same should be taken into consideration Along with the storages, the finishes and surfaces should be looked for ranging from DUCO, veneer, laminates and other colorful surfaces. Countertop material should be considered as well so that the entire finishing of the kitchen comes out to be durable and easy to maintain.

Finishes to be used

Expert Advice: Choose the materials that are low maintenance and durable.

Type of Storages

The modular kitchen provides with a variety of storage types from drawers to tall storage units. One should take into the consideration the type of storage required and consider the different storage type according to the convenience and utility.

Storage plays a vital role while designing a kitchen. We share some Essential Tips To Plan Clutter-Free Kitchen

type of storage

Bonus Tip: Maximise the use of the storage by creating compartments within one unit. Also, create differently sized units for different types of things, utensils or food items.

Appliances and Modern Utilities

Modular kitchen gives proper space for the installation of all the modern utilities like a washing machine, dish dryer, dishwasher, oven etc. The concept of modular kitchen is to make accessibility easy for you, hence the arrangement and provision for the appliances are available in this concept.

Here is a design inspiration of The Perfect Kitchen Design One Would Dream About

appliances in Modular kitchen

A Little Pantry is a Must

A pantry is a small stock of your daily food items, cutlery and vegetables. The pantry can be concealed storage ideas to stock your necessities inside the hidden racks and cabinets that are pulled out to access.

little pantry

Bonus Tip: Make sure the racks are long and wide enough to stock your items.

A Must-have Triangle Rule

One must adhere to the golden triangle rule while considering the installation of the modular kitchen. It is the philosophy of placing your cooking station, wash basin (sink) and your refrigerator at a proper distance forming a triangle at these three focal points. This concept has been followed for decades as it is considered to increase efficiency in the kitchen.

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Electrical Sockets

The provision for the electric fixtures is provided for the placement and usage of the basic appliances. Pay attention to the electrical sockets that have to be placed during the installation of the cabinets and storages.

Electrical fixtures

Ventilation is a must

Let your kitchen breathe as well. You must have ample ventilation for the food smell to not overpower your beautiful kitchen. Installation of a chimney right above the gas stove would provide lungs to the kitchen. Natural ventilation along with the mechanical one should be an important point of the modular kitchen.

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Ventilation in kitchen

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