Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design

published On Oct 03 2017

Themed Living Room Decor Design

Where do you think the heart of a home resides? Yes, you guessed it right- It’s the Living Room! Not only because it’s right in the center, but also because the vibe of a décor originates from this and spreads across the entire house. It casts the first impression to those who enter and a lasting impression to those who leave.  

Let us explore various themes that we can have in a living room:

Contemporary Style

The style contemporary corresponds to clean lines, simple geometry, sober colors and an interesting blend of materials enriched by natural fabrics and linens. If you’re looking for a fresh and formal décor for your living room, contemporary is the word for you.

Themed Living Room Decor Design

Image credit: Pixabay

Like you can feel in the picture above how confidently each piece of décor stands in harmony with each other- the shelves with a patterned backdrop, the art pieces, the mirrored table reflecting the elements in, the Chester lounge sofa, the throw cushions, the side table lamp- all of them perfectly rhyming in a contemporary tune.

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Classic Country Style/ Antique Chic

This style breeds royalty and style in the décor and transports the eyes to a classic era. It is largely defined by extensive use of curves and textures to achieve a welcoming and luxurious space.  The carved wooden tables, angular legs, ornamented mirrors paired with geometric and floral printed upholstery with hand-woven rugs really steal the show and create a space that breathes elegance and grandeur. Like you can see in the picture below.

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Themed Living Room Decor Design

Image credit: Pixabay

This style is ideal for large and double height lobbies and living rooms with a lot of thoughts being put into minutest details, for a small room this style may not go really well and make space look small and cluttered.

Earthy and Rustic

If you want to have a raw and industrial look, this is precisely your style. It represents honesty and earthiness of the elements which define this style. Let me try to put the definition in words with the help of picture below:

Themed Living Room Decor Design

Image credit: Pixabay

Everything in this picture flaunts their character of being natural and unornamented. The center table carved out of raw wood, the side table inspired from the tree trunk, the stone bench wearing no artificial shape, the tripod lamp, the bare rug and a beautiful sand grey lounge just completing the look.

It is actually a play of materials in their raw form denoting the purity and simplicity. Here is another example of the earthy and rustic theme.

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Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design

Bold and Beautiful

It won’t be wrong to say that colors bring spring to any space. From pastels to patterns, from brights to lights, this scheme induces confidence and happiness in a living room. Bold Colours bring energy and life in the décor and stimulates the interaction happening in the room.

Look how perfectly the colors are blending in the picture below to give a refreshing and lively ambiance to the living room.

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Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design
Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design

House of Black and White

Intelligent and creative use of black and white colors along with their tints and hues make the entire space very comfortable and pleasant. It imbibes maturity to the décor and we get a space with which we can never get bored of. The combination of these two universal colors does make a statement in the living room and help achieve that ‘marvelous first impression’ of the house.

You can see a great use of these colors in contemporary style as reflected in the pictures below.

Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design
Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design

Classy Contrast

If you are one of those types, who get bored of something very easily and want to keep the décor matching your myriad moods, this style is for you. The style reflects an addition of an extra element which can break the monotony of the space, it can be introducing an extra color to the upholstery or placing some vibrant throws. You can also play with replenishable things like cushions, rugs, art pieces and bring that extra spice to the décor. Have a look at some inspirations below.

Ideas of Themed Living Room Decor Design

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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