8 Impressive Tips to make CV for an Architecture Student

published On Sep 27 2017

CV for an Architecture Student

How the days of our youth seems to quickly pass away the instance we are about to graduate from college. One moment we live this carefree life trying to figure out excuses for bunking classes, the next instance we are ranting our minds to create the best CV for an internship or a job. Now, what makes an architectural CV different from other professions is the fact that the visual impact of it must be as strong as the content within it. A CV for an architecture student is not just a Word page with all the experiences and accolades jotted down on it but it is the personal reflection of the student and the creativity used to express it.

 Here are some tips and tricks to ease down your nerves before you start creating your CV which surely will help yield a creative outcome.

Stick to the Basics

The first thing you need to remember is to have a content which is to-the-point and formal. No exaggeration. No informal language. Your content matters more than the graphics of your CV as it is based on the skills you possess that you could be hired. Be ensured that your CV does not contain any typos and mistakes. Unless your CV is in a local language, make sure to use correct English and proper grammar as it is the official language of conduct at most firms. You wouldn't want to be a laughing stock at the HR department. Use your personal information but refrain from using information not necessary for your job profile such as marital status or caste. Duh!! In the end of all make sure you have put up all that needs to define you on your CV.

CV for an Architecture Student

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Use a formal Email Id

This is where most students fall short. While cool and funky email ids may have been the trend while you were in school or college but in the professional world, it is not taken seriously. To be able to secure an employment position you must create a formal email id consisting of your first and last name, maybe separated by a period if you already do not have one.

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Clarity matters

A CV that is difficult to read or comprehend is a failed attempt. Make sure to use a font that suits the purpose. Informal fonts are not appreciated on CVs. Do not use multiple fonts on your CV either, as it looks rather unpleasing. Instead, use different variations of the same font. Make sure to use the correct size of the font though. You wouldn't want your employer to cringe their eyes to be able to understand what you have written. Size does matter on your CV.

CV for an Architecture Student

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Stop rating yourself

The practice of rating yourself on your CVs is rather confusing. Why even do that? It is really a blunt idea to try to impress your employers by assessing yourself. Leave it to them. If you indeed believe that your software skills are impeccable, let it reflect on your portfolio. Rating yourself is more subjective and less informative.

Don't try a Mondrian

Graphics are important for an architectural CV, but you should know the thin line between minimalism and over ornamentation, speaking in the architectural lingo. Do not cover your CV with unnecessary colors and images. You do not want to turn it into an art piece. Keep it minimal. Choose a theme, if necessary and try to use different tints and shades of the same color. Do not make it look desperate for attention.

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CV for an Architecture Student

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The most basic trick but the most mistaken one is a chronology. While writing down your academic qualifications and work experiences or achievements make sure to write them down in reverse chronological order. This helps your employer to track a growth record of your career. It presents the newest i.e. the most relevant information on top and so on. This way your CV will be clearer to what it exhibits.

CV for an Architecture Student

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Tailor your CV

While it is known that you are applying for an architectural position with your CV, do not forget to include and highlight your interests and extra-curricular. Considering the diversity of the profession you never know when one of your skills or interests may come in handy. So, if you are a good photographer, have been in your college editorial team, have curated walks or tours or even if you have done any volunteer work for your city, include them all. Let the area of your versatility be known.

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Proofread and keep Updating

So you have made your CV, but is it all? You just can't lay back and expect the same CV to work for the rest of your life. Keep updating your CV every time you add an experience to your professional life or you grow a new interest or learn a new skill. Do not forget to proofread your CV after every change though. It is very important to ensure that your CV remains error-free with each update.

So go out there and put your best foot forward. Combine your CV with an amazing portfolio and a strong cover letter and you sure will receive an email saying "You have been hired!!" 

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