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published On Sep 27 2017


Most Interior Designers these days consider Cushions as a subtle tool in their repertoire. They can add a splash of color if the palette of the room has come out to be too monotonous, or they can contribute in the sense of harmony, by taking the shade which compliments the other colors in the room. Moreover, new cushions can help you to get a renewed, refreshed looking living room without being too hard on the pocket. You could also make them reflect your mood, arrival of your favorite season, a special occasion or a festival. Note that all the images are taken with due permission from, and are just illustration images of various products there.

Cool Cushions

Usage Illustration Image of Typeface 'Hustle Brush'
Instead of searching for the right cushions and compromising with your exact expressions, you can design your own cushions and make a statement! With numerous online marketplaces like Zazzle, which are offering high-quality digital printing, you can either design from scratch or start with an available design and customise it. While these websites have many customisable cool designs, you could easily add your own elements. These elements could be your initials, some quote in a font which flaunts swirls and flourishes, or ready to use design elements — vectors, watercolor textures, florals, seamless patterns — the list is endless.

And these endless categories have a grand home in some terrific websites. One of these websites is They have it all, whether it be professional high-resolution photos, or watercolor florals, textures, gorgeous fonts etc. You can either buy a premium product or if your budget doesn’t allow it, you could simply check their freebies section. They also have a weekly freebie, that expires, and just so you don’t miss it, register with them to receive awesome email reminders. I call them awesome because they contain previews of the trending and new products, new deals. These images of products themselves and usage illustrations and are so beautiful, you’ll feel extremely inspired.

While making your own statements with self-design cushions is all about expression all the eccentricity, it wouldn’t harm if we are actually aware of the tips and warnings were given by the seasoned designers. Here are a few of them, along with some illustrative images from


Don't use matching cushions with the Sofas. Not only is that missed opportunity of adding color and atmosphere which could be as effective as adding an expensive artwork, but the matching cushions of Sofas would look lumpy, and awfully boring. Instead, match the color of the wall, or complement a hue from the curtains, or make them strikingly contrasting with their surroundings. But don't use too many bold colors together. Here are a few of examples.

Color and print cushions

Usage Illustration Image for Almondia Font @


Usage Illustration Image of Summer Lemonade Font @

Wedding cake cushions

Usage Illustration Image of Wedding Cake Creator Watercolor Set @


Use textures which are contrasting in the feel with the furniture -- Soft on hard, Shiny on fuzzy etc. This would not only ensure a cozy warm touch but ensure that your pillows are not always falling off as there is always the necessary friction.


Few pillow could be big, others small, some of them circular, others rectangular, or even in the shape of a heart. This will create an interesting diverse look.

Mishmash shape cushions

Usage Illustration Image of Lucita Script Font @

Braveheart Cushions

Usage Illustration of Braveheart Font


For a few Cushion Freaks, no number of cushions is too many. Others would argue that if you have to move the cushions for getting seated, there are too many of them indeed.  However, it is a general consensus that either you should go with the even numbers of cushions say, 4 or 6 if you are after a traditional setting, or a small odd number (3, 5) for a slightly modern, casual look.


You could use geometric patterns for flaunting a trendy official set up, or soft floral patterns for a surrounding that intends to offer more warmth and comfort.

Geometry pattern cushions
Usage Illustration Image for 'Sacral Geometry Patterns Set'

Water color clipart cushions

Usage Illustration Image for 'Watercolor clipart/Flower Peonies'
So, we have yet another way of expressing ourselves with the cushions, and we should definitely use it as it is not just inexpensive, but is capable of adding warmth, color, coziness -- a whole new personality to our rooms which can reflect our moods, seasons, and a lot more.

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