6 Best Ways to Apply for Job & Internship in Architecture

published On Sep 20 2017

Job & Internship in Architecture

It’s that time of the year again. Architecture firms around the world start receiving a multitude of resumes and portfolios flooded by students or fresh graduates in Architecture who are looking to kick-start their career at their offices. Many students do not find success immediately and end up getting frustrated soon but when that email does finally arrive, nothing compares to that feeling, does it?

As architects, we are all too familiar with the frustration each student and fresher goes through while applying for jobs and internships which is why we have shared some tips for you to make your work easier.

What interests you?

This is a primary means of narrowing down your search because once you know your line of interest it will automatically narrow down your search to those architecture firms that do that kind of work specifically. For example, someone with a knack for landscape design should search for firms that do landscape design projects specifically or have many landscape projects. A simpler approach could also be the size of the firm you work at; do you want to work in a big firm or a small firm?

Once you have that list, you are ready to start!

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Job & Internship in Architecture

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Get on LinkedIn!

While Facebook and Twitter may be a great tool to connect, the place to be in today is LinkedIn! If you don’t have an account yet then create one and you will find it a lot easier to connect with professionals from your field of interest. It also makes looking for a job much easier! A lot of people even get positions by messaging people directly, although it is advised to only do that with caution.

Job & Internship in Architecture

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Customize your application

A lot of students send their application to a huge number of firms and then complain about not hearing back. This approach rarely works as a “generic” application sent to hundreds of firms will not get you a response. Instead, use your research to put together a well-versed and targeted application. Customizing your application based on the firm of your choice will reap rewards sooner than you think!

Here, we share 7 ways to improve your Portfolio!

Job & Internship in Architecture

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Start early

Most students wait until it’s too late to start mailing their resumes. Searching and eventually finding a job takes time so make sure to start early. This will ensure that you also get adequate time to follow-up on firms that do not send you a response within two weeks. As a general rule, one should wait two weeks to hear back and then send a follow-up email or a phone call.

If the firms you are interested in are in your city then you can also consider walking in an enquiring, make sure to carry hard copies of your resume and portfolio in case they call you in for an interview!

Job & Internship in Architecture

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Create contacts

Use your leverage as a student and connect with your seniors and professors, they are more helpful than you think! Graduate students are a great source of knowledge when it comes to internships because they have already done one. Talk to your professors about your interests and show the initiative. A lot of students find work through their professors and in many cases, directly work under them at their firms. Once you leave college you won’t be able to use your position as a student to make the most of it!

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Job & Internship in Architecture

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Create an online portfolio

Many offices don’t have the time to download a portfolio of 10 MB and look at it, in these cases, it is wise to create an online portfolio and provide the link instead. Websites such as Issuu and Behance are great for architectural portfolios in particular and increases your chances of scoring a position in securing a job.

Here are some tips to make an impressive portfolio

Job & Internship in Architecture

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Don’t stress about your portfolio!

While a good portfolio is definitely important, it still doesn’t mean an entry ticket to the firm you want. Offices understand that as a student or a fresh graduate you are developing your skills. Instead, try to show skills that demonstrate an ability to adapt and learn while on the job.

For most architectural firms, AutoCAD capability is essential, but some firms also look for people who sketch well since they are becoming more difficult to find. Showcase your skills according to your strength since that is how you can stand out.

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Job & Internship in Architecture

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Remember, Architects are generally very helpful especially when they see young students trying to start their career! Being proactive is the key. Don’t lose patience because persistence and patience go a long way. Good luck!

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