Bathtub vs. Shower, Which is Perfect for Your Bathroom?

published On Sep 18 2017

Bathtub vs Shower

Gone are the days when the bathroom was just about having the basic essentials. With changing time, creating a relaxing luxurious bathroom that exhibits a spa-like aura is trending, as who doesn’t dote the spa and luxury hotel experience!

Those homeowners, who are planning to bring in the ‘’spa-like’’  experience right into their home, would know that without showcasing either a bathtub or a shower unit, the overall bathroom design would look just unfinished.

Therefore, I am pinning down a few bathroom designing tips, which are planned based on the bathroom sizes along with the advantages and disadvantages, to avoid the dilemma that one could face, while choosing between a shower and a bathtub.

Work It Out - Plan  Before You Place

No matter whether you own a large or a tiny bathroom, if the placement plan and the traffic flow clashes over each other,  even the high-end bathroom design would turn out to be a disastrous one. Therefore, creating a bathroom layout and dividing it into two zones, the wet and the dry zone plays the vital role and should be considered as the first basic step towards perfection.

bathroom shower designs

Ways To Divide The Two Bathroom Zone

The dry zone is basically the vanity area whereas the wet zone is the toilet, shower and the bathtub area.

The wet zone can be separated from the dry one, by the creation of either a half or full partitions or by the construction of a different floor level (can be either above or below the actual floor level, that is maintained throughout the bathroom).

bathroom shower set

Dividing a tiny bathroom or an irregular shaped large or medium sized bathroom could be tricky and therefore,  I would suggest homeowners to either choose partitions made from glass or play with different floor levels, to achieve a cramp-free look. And these two zones when customized as per the size and shape of the bathroom and merged along with technologies such as the steam shower, whirlpool bathtubs and so on, would automatically convert any simple bathroom into a splendid one.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bathtub

  • When coming to the practical side of the design, a bathtub would be very useful for fitness freaks, as they could easily relax out their sore muscles.

  • The addition of corner bathtubs which are available in various shapes could instantly improve the aesthetic value of the kid's bathroom,  and practically they are even ideal for bathing small children.

  • But large bathroom space with large tubs has its own disadvantages as well. It can be difficult for older people or people with injuries to get in and out.

  • Moreover, the larger the tub gets, the more water it requires and filling a tub could turn out to be a time-consuming process.

  • Additionally, one would even need to get a water heater installed with the adequate capacity, to fill the tub with hot water.

Here we share an example of Bathrooms With Stunning Vanity And Bathtub, You Will Instantly Fall For

bathroom designs

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Shower Unit

  • The shower unit can keep the bathroom floor and even the wall tiles dry.

  • Are definitely the best option for tiny bathrooms, as it takes up less space.

  • The bathing session under shower would be less time-consuming compared to a bathtub.

  • It is easy to install, requires minimal planning, and are perfect for a quick bathroom renovation!

  • They are the best option for a senior citizen’s bathroom, as these units can be equipped with grab bars, non-slip tiles and benches as well (if the space permits).

  • But the shower doors would require cleaning and regular usage of shower unit with entry and exits made multiple times,  can result in the wearing of the railing mechanism or the hinges.

  • Opting for plastic rather than the tempered glass enclosures could be cost-effective, but won’t have a great lifespan.

bathroom shower area

With all these details mentioned above, I would recommend homeowners to split it further, as it would help one in creating the picture perfect bathroom. Therefore, divide the bathrooms into three different categories, according to their sizes, the large, mid-sized and the tiny bathrooms.

Large High-End Bathroom Design - Perfect For Both Bathtubs And Showers

Homeowners with large bathrooms and are high on a budget can definitely opt to have both bathtub and the shower. But when space or budget gets restricted choosing one of these becomes a necessity.

There are many types of bathtubs such as the alcove bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs and the corner bathtubs, which are available in the simplest forms to the ones with features such as the automated cleaning system, whirlpool effect, aromatherapy and so on.

With a large bathroom, one could choose from any of the above-mentioned bathtubs but I would suggest opting for a free-standing tub or a drop-in tub which is installed within the floor, and has a deck around, that resembles a pool. And these two bathtub styles would look perfect when set into a large bathroom. With the addition of elegant backdrop and lighting,  would instantly give the space a feel of luxury.

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Mid-Sized  Bathroom - Customize  To Fit The The  Bathtub And Shower  In

Just in case, if the shape and size permits, customizing the wet zone, to include both bathtub and shower would be possible even in a mid-sized bathroom.

A medium sized bathroom can be designed with a tub on a different floor level, or with a shower unit just beside the tub, that is separated by a glass partition or with a bathtub shower combo! I would recommend the alcove tubs, which are fitted in a three-walled enclosure as it would be apt for such medium-sized bathrooms.

Bathtub designs

 Small Bathroom - Perfect For Shower

No matter how tiny the bathroom is, it is that part of the home that finally lets us wash away the stress and relax. With changing time even the shower features have evolved. Hence, the homeowners with tiny bathroom do not have to disappoint themselves.

bathroom shower set

I recommend homeowners to try out the shower unit with high-end features such as the rain showers, jets and steam shower options with hand shower, diverter, and adjustable different massage jets. Installing such shower panel that incorporates all features in one unit itself, can transform a tiny bathroom into something exceptional.

The motto here is to evaluate your needs, choose the right accessories and try out these basic designing tricks. And you are all set to upgrade the bathroom in style!

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel

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