Guide to Choosing Bathroom Countertops

published On Sep 18 2017

Bathroom Countertops

Pretty often it has been observed that no much priority is given to the bathroom during the design process of the entire home. Rather the adornment of the bath, most of the times comes to an end, once the bathroom tiles and the bath accessories get finalized.
With interior designing been given so much of emphasis, any bathroom designing process should not end on the tiles and the accessories. In fact, the ‘’step towards glamour’’ begins right after the installation of the tiles. And what can be better than focusing on the vanity counter, that gives room to the daily essential! Moreover, teaming this vanity counter along with wallpaper, a perfect sink and lighting can simply take the bathroom designs to just another level.

To ‘’Have’’ Or To ‘’Not Have’’ Bathroom Tops As A Focal Point

Being an interior designer, I would imply the importance of a focal point and how the focal point of a room has the power to influence the overall arrangement done to any space. And therefore no matter what size the bathroom is, introducing a countertop would definitely be a great idea. Also, one must know to use different lights in a bathroom. As a countertop with the right combination of lighting, functionality, and durability when coupled along with complementing bathroom tiles and accessories could instantly uplift the aesthetic value of the bathroom.

 Bathroom Countertops

Vanity Countertops With Cabinets In A Tiny Bathroom Yay Or Nay

The first question that would pop out from those homeowners who owns a tiny bathroom is that ‘’won’t  the vanity cabinet takeaway the floor space!?’’

Well, small bathroom designs with vanities that fit in right as well as fulfills all the bathroom storage needs, in fact, helps in visually opening up the bathroom. As most of the time, daily essentials gets dumped on the countertop after usage and instead of achieving a glossy countertop one end up with a messy one.

Vanity Countertops

Moreover, with the availability of floating bathroom vanity that mounts to the wall, one can easily make the bath feel more spacious and can solve all the small space bathroom challenges right away! And to achieve the cohesive design, selecting the right countertop with cabinets that complements the existing floors, walls and accessories would work wonders.

Countertop Ideas: Things To Consider While Choosing A Bathroom Countertop

Once contemplating on the above two points brings you towards the final decision, it is the right time to pay attention to the types of materials available for the bathroom countertop.

And the factor that needs to be considered while choosing the countertop depends completely on how you use the bathroom on a daily basis. Even considering the changes that may occur in the near future is equally important.

Additionally, prepare an estimate based on the square footage requirement, to gather information regarding the cost of each countertop material. These will help you in narrowing down the choices to the one, that will practically suit your bathroom the most!

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 Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Types Of  Countertops For Bathroom

  • Quartz bathroom countertops - Low maintenance, better compared to granite, hassle-free maintenance compared to granite, stain-resistant.

  • Marble bathroom countertops - Smooth surface, won’t chip or dent, porous material, need to be sealed regularly about every six months.

  • Granite bathroom countertops - They are strong, solid, reliable, porous materials, need to be sealed regularly, about every six months.

  • Corian bathroom countertops -  Can be molded into any shape and can imitate other materials like concrete and marble. Even lights can be installed to glow through the surface

  • Stainless steel bathroom countertops - Durable, low-maintenance, easy to clean, reflects light, stain-resistant, but can scratch and shows fingerprints.

  • Laminate bathroom countertops - Available in various colors, low-maintenance, stain-resistant, nonporous and lower in cost compared to natural stone, quartz, tile and other upper-end materials.

  • Tile bathroom countertops - Available in various colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, but tile grout needs to be properly sealed.

  • Concrete bathroom countertops - Porous materials, need to be sealed regularly about every six months.

  • Engineered stone bathroom countertops -  Nonporous, resists scratches and stains, easy to maintain and no sealant required.

  • Glass bathroom countertops - Available in various shape, color, and texture, non-porous, can crack or break,  scratches and fingerprints are visible.

Bathroom interior design style

The Bathroom Interior Design Style And Countertop Maintenance

While browsing through various splendid bathroom designs, most of the peeps do not consider the practical side of the design and demand an interior designer for a similar design flashing on an interior design portal. Since, any style can continue to look fab, only when it will be maintained throughout the year, therefore considering one's lifestyle would be a vital part of bathroom designing. As no matter whichever material is been used as a countertop, if daily essentials like the toothpaste, creams, hairspray and other personal care items if splashed over and are not wiped off immediately imagine how the counter or vanity top would appear! More traffic will lead to more mess hence choose a countertop material that can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

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Bathroom designs

The Edges Of Bathroom Vanity Countertops - Bathroom Safety

When a bathroom is being designed, the bathroom safe­ty is also carefully considered like the tempered glass for shower doors, non-slippery flooring, handrails or grab bars for those unique tubs and showers and so on. Similarly, paying attention to the countertop edges is equally important and needs to be considered, as the bathroom space is even being used by the children and all the way up to senior citizens.

Through square countertop edges are perfect for sleek and straight modern bathroom design, consider to slightly round off the grooves to avoid dangerously sharp corners.

Bathroom vanity countertops

Other types of countertop edges such as the beveled, double beveled that are basically with a 45-degree angle cut along the top edge of the countertop, ogee edge has two gracefully "S" shaped curve, bullnose has the deeply rounded style and so on can also be tried on. As these various curvy edges are safe as well as suits any traditional or luxurious bathroom designs and look elegant at the same time.

Bathroom designs

With all these details regarding the bathroom countertop, no matter whether it is a new bathroom project or bathroom remodeling, one could easily make up their mind and choose. Just make sure to match the bathroom vanity with the rest of the bathroom as it looks the best, only when it matches the bathroom well in a matter of the size, color, and style.

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