Brilliant Ways To Change The Look Of Your Home With Just Paint

Brilliant Ways To Change The Look Of Your Home With Just Paint

With numerous design ideas and various artistic decorative accents around, one would feel a bit lost and confused with one single question popping out constantly! And that is if there are plenty of ways to give a home an uplift, which one among these can create a huge yet instant impact?

The answer to the above question is colored. And there are two different reasons for the same. Firstly, the key element of interior designing is to set a foundation and then work around the same. And since the base point of any interior space is the walls, it would definitely be a good idea to start the makeover of any home from the walls. Secondly, color psychology. It is a known fact that color holds the power to instantly improve the mood of an individual as it spills out various energies. For instance, from the ‘’sense of warmth’’ to the ‘’sense of vibrancy’’, all can be achieved just by the use of colors.

Furthermore, splashing the walls with colors that are in trend as of now or selecting the latest painting techniques won’t do any good. To create an impact, it is necessary to go with the colors that fit rightly within the space and exhibits the homeowner's personality as well. Hence, instead of choosing colors randomly try out these brilliant tips to change the look of your home.


Change begins when the key elements of interior designing are being implemented rightly on the project. As designing has got a lot to do with creating illusions, the first step to be worked on is the size of the rooms.

Low light paint colors can make a room look open and airy, which in result can make a small room look larger and a large room look vast. Whereas, if the darker color palette is being used in a small room, it creates a feeling of crampedness and on the other hand, a large room will look perfectly balanced with the right flow of colors from the tints to the shades! (Tints are basically created by the blending of color white to create the lightness whereas shades are created by blending of the color black, to create just the opposite effect.)

Bring color to your Living Room by our expert advice 12 Ways to Get a Colourful Living Room

Brilliant Ways To Change The Look Of Your Home With Just Paint


Always play safe, when it comes to painting a small home. Going way too bold while choosing colors can create an imbalanced aura. Yes, it is in trend to add in a bold style statement. But in reality, a vibrant touch can keep the excitement alive just for a week or two. With time, it gets tiresome to match and consider the boldly painted wall each time before purchasing a furniture or a decorative accent! Therefore, stick to one single color family or opt for contrast colors in the lightest forms. For instance, a combination of dusty beige and green!

Here is a beautiful example of Living Room Colour Palette That Spark Unique And Bright Combination

Brilliant Ways To Change The Look Of Your Home With Just Paint

The key is to create a smooth flow of vision from one wall to another. Additionally, it is equally important to pay attention to the color of the furniture and the decorative accents around the home. The color family is applied on the walls should act as a perfect canvas that holds all the bits and pieces together flawlessly.



Large wall murals are basically an artwork, where the art is being directly painted onto the walls. This kind of paintings suits perfectly in a large home’s lobby area, living room or the kid's room. Make sure to not block this wall with furniture.

color and paint techniques


The geometrical patterns or the abstract design helps to bring in multiple colors in various hues together. Therefore, create a feature wall with such patterns and paint rest of the three walls in a darker shade. Choose any one dark shade from the abstract or geometrical pattern to complete the look. This painting idea would suit a dining space or a reading nook aptly.

Here, we share with you the Beautiful Colour Trends Of Summer 2017

paint your own wall mural


Try color blocking! Here contrasting blocks of color are used, but make sure to stick to just two or three bold colors from the color blocking templates.

modern geometric patterns



Say yes to horizontal stripes as they create an illusion of wider space and are more tense and modern compared to vertical stripes. These random size horizontal stripe paint if used in the variety of light colors, can make space look fun and playful.

Here is a must-read design inspiration to give you an insight about the Importance Of Colours In Interiors

color and paint techniques for small rooms


Ombre wall paint technique is something one should definitely try out. Ombre background exhibits a sleek and clear style that is similar to the horizontal stripes but without any hard lines. It can be applied on a single wall to create an ‘’accent wall’’ and is basically a blend of colors that create a fading effect. The ombre paint effect starts with the lightest color and blends into the darkest hue.

wide horizontal stripe paint


How about trying out the halfway hue? Wish to brighten up the home in a safe way? Then halfway hue painting technique is the one for you. This technique allows you to play with the bright and bold hues. Here instead of painting all the four walls completely, just paint halfway! Pair a gentle neutral color with the slightly bold color tone that blends in well in the small space to get a fresh look!

ombre paint background


Go metallic! Try blending metallic whites, grays or off-white with golden matte sand textured paint. This color combo could give any small home an instant feel of elegance. One could even try out adding light vibrant metallic colors with nukes to wipe away the dullness.

halfway house inside

Lastly, you can add colors without painting the walls too. Here is our design inspiration to know more about Stunning Ways To Add Color To Your Home Without Painting The Walls

And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


Paint Guide Interior Paint Color Boldly painted Wall Color and paint Techniques Paint Pattern

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