Book Review: Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design By Donald Watson and Michael Crosbie (8th Edition)

published On Sep 06 2017

Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design By Donald Watson and Michael Crosbie (8th Edition)

Donald Watson, an architect having a private practice and Michael Crosbie, an architecture journalist, researcher and teacher, together bring out for readers a book, which tries to ease the understanding of the building systems, structures, etc. The book comprehends and provides the perception of the architectural and construction industry. It demystifies the basics of the technologies, new or old and gives out a complete manual to manifest for the public. Some of the core points on why the book stands where it does today are:-

The Practical Usability:

A profession that is completely based on the practical knowledge of the practitioner, this book helps you to get and learn it all. It provides all the practical knowledge along with the data and specifications needed to use the information and knowledge best on the field.

Authors and Experts:

Each topic has been penned down and is thoroughly informative; from the experts of the field themselves. This is a rarity, usually, the books have an author who has the credits for all the content of the book, but it is not always that the author is well informed to write about all the credentials. The information comes from all the sources and is put together, but Time Saver Standards, give the experts a publishing platform of their knowledge with all the credibility, which also creates a belief for the users and establishes the firm ground to profess their work with the book as a reference.

planndesign book reviewplanndesign book review

Introductory Summary and Key Words:

Each topic, as the book progresses, has an introductory summary and highlighted keywords to emphasize the topic and what follows in it. The topics covered have been meticulously written and comprehended to facilitate the intricate and difficult methods and techniques and even terms that come up during construction and on-field.


The main aspect that the book touches upon is Anthropological Development in Architecture, i.e. the study of human societies and cultures and their development and how it affects the design of any structure. Many Illustrations provided in the book have the dimensions of average human heights-according to various human activities like sitting, climbing, standing, etc. separating the male and female anthropologies

planndesign book reviewplanndesign book review

Progressive Topics:

The progression of the book is really subtle and amicable. It starts from the substructure to the superstructure, covering the sub-heads for each topic. Each topic is well described, well illustrated and provided with a lot of information about even the materials that should be used for the construction of each structure whether sub or super. The book doesn’t only covers external structural systems but also interior aspects like staircases, lighting, etc. It also pays a lot of attention to the services and necessity of it in the buildings and provides standards for it too.

Illustrations and Checklists of Key Design:

The book has detailed Illustrations for every topic and covers the major portion of it. It demarcates and elaborates all the information through various figurative demonstrations and depictions. These figures help to increase the efficient workflow at the site. From sizes of the fixtures needed and the depth of even the nut and bolt that may be required for the construction, all have been shown figuratively in the book.

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